Thx for the write up....

Jan 27, 2013,22:23 PM

It is such a classic watch. I am in love with the enameled dial. One of these days, I have to pull the trigger on it.....


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Girard-Perregaux 1966 Small Seconds - Review of a Convert

 By: flamenco : January 27th, 2013-17:33
Do you remember the last time you gasped when you saw a beautiful timepiece... This is the story of my journey into the world of GP. While GP as a company has a long (over 220 years of watchmaking), and celebrated history of creating chronometric watches,...  

Great catch!

 By: dxboon : January 27th, 2013-20:38
This is one of my favorite pieces in the GP portfolio. Very elegant, very classy. :-) The dial is just right for my taste and the movement is a proven winner. You are going to have a long love affair with this watch, methinks! Enjoy your new beauty! Thank... 

Thanks Sista !

 By: flamenco : January 27th, 2013-21:25
My way of contributing to the GP board, which admittedly, have been more of a spectator sport for me :) Never been this excited for a long time, and this is magical ! And you truly know what I mean. The list of "I will never sell" jus grew ever so slightl... 

Thx for the write up....

 By: JMan : January 27th, 2013-22:23
It is such a classic watch. I am in love with the enameled dial. One of these days, I have to pull the trigger on it..... J.

Sooner the better !

 By: flamenco : January 28th, 2013-01:15
Yes indeed a timeless classic. One that needs to be seen to truly be appreciated. Let us know when it rests on your wrist.

Superb review on a lovely watch, Flamenco.

 By: amanico : January 27th, 2013-23:08
It was a great morning pleasure to read you. The plain enamel dial and the nicely shaped case are tow major assets of this watch, for sure. The pin buckle brings a lot of wear comfort, once the watch on the wrist. I understand how happy you can be! Best, ... 

Thank you !

 By: flamenco : January 28th, 2013-01:20
And the pleasure is all mine :) As you put it , comfort and beauty are hallmarks of this timpiece. I am not just happy , I am ecstatic ! My only regret .... not getting the watch earlier ! Now that I am opened to the world of GP , the chrono (which Andrew... 

The good news is that the Basel Fair is not too far.

 By: amanico : January 28th, 2013-01:23
And I am pretty sure that we'll have some delicious surprises.... Like you, I am on a roll with GP. I think that this year I will get my 3rd... Best, Nicolas

U read my mind :)

 By: flamenco : January 28th, 2013-01:53
Coming from you .... I am sure there will be delightful surprises in store. Am watching this space ! For now 1966 looks like a golden year ! In the mean time, I am occupying myself with Andrew review :D

Well, my 3rd GP will not come soon, but I am working hard on it.

 By: amanico : January 28th, 2013-01:56
I think it is reasonable to wait and see what the Basel Fair will reserve to us. I already have one bor two ideas, though. ;) Hmmm how exciting the hunt and the wait is! Best, my friend. Nicolas

It's about time!

 By: fernando : January 28th, 2013-04:34
I was wondering why no one here has pulled the trigger on this beauty! I'm glad it's you flamenco and some nice pics. to show. I had a hard time trying to decide if I preferred the RG or WG but in the metal the RG stood out more and seemed more appropriat... 

Definitely RG !

 By: flamenco : January 28th, 2013-18:45
The WG to me feels a bit cold. But, its bring out the dial and the blue hands much more ! So its not an easy straight forward choice. U brought up a good point. While I was on a flight prior to this post, a well dressed gentlemen (and obviously in the kno... 


 By: mikemargolis : January 28th, 2013-05:58
That is a beautiful watch, enjoy it for many years in the best of health. Mike Margolis G-P USA

Thanks Mike !

 By: flamenco : January 28th, 2013-18:37
Its good to see you here. Am a little surpised and very humbled by your message. Thank you for a great job at GP ! Very much looking forward to Basel 2013 !

very beautiful GP Flamenco

 By: E.S : January 28th, 2013-06:03
if only us, mere mortals can dream, the back side with 3 bridge tourbie this would be ultimate and dream GP enjoy your new catch best, Ed

Thanks Ed !

 By: flamenco : January 28th, 2013-18:02
I will have the 1966 min rep from last year ! Stunning piece of work front to back. Deserving of all the praises and accolades showered upon it thus far. A man can always dream .........

Goes both ways

 By: flamenco : January 28th, 2013-18:26
my small contirbution ... in return for the many more that you have done to benefit this community. So I thank you as well !

Thank you for the review and some GP education ...

 By: nilomis : January 28th, 2013-15:26
I started owning GP recently and I'm very happy with the overall design, style and movements. I'm more a sport styled watches but yours is a killer. Someday ... Who knows. Congratulation for the watch and the review. Cheers, Nilo

Special piece

 By: flamenco : January 28th, 2013-18:35
The Grand Feu is indeed special and held in high regard in my small collection. I am not sure the initial euphoria will die down. Its a magnificient piece to own. I am embrassed when u mention education, cos I really think its the reverse all that vintage... 

Education ...

 By: nilomis : January 29th, 2013-05:31
I mentioned "education" because all other watch collectors that I know here simply ignore this brand. When I got my first Girard-Perregaux (Andrew's influence), all my friends tried to persuade me to not do the acquisition. Since this time, I already made... 

The 1966 is a truly gorgeous watch

 By: Dje : January 29th, 2013-14:38
Hi, I understand your love for your watch, although I still prefer mine.... amp;msid=16773911&imgid=1973916&fi=6&pi=4177036&ti=662586&s=0&size=raw Best Dje

Is that a blue dial ?

 By: flamenco : January 29th, 2013-22:28
Its gorgeous. One that I never knew existed ! Did consider the 38mm seriously due to its supreme on the wrist comfort. Not to mention a useful date function. However, in my case, the enamel dial won out, and since I do not already own one ever. Its hard t... 

I think they are fundamentally different in style.

 By: Ed. W : January 30th, 2013-13:23
Yours seems more modern and dressy as flamenco's seems more classical. Just an opinion.

The beginning of a romance...

 By: Mark in Paris : January 30th, 2013-11:42
I always liked the GP1966 since I discovered it 4 years ago. Back then, it was the gold indexes instead of Arabic numerals but I loved the case, the simplicity and style of the watch. It is still today my feeling, may it be the front side or the back side... 

"cerise sur le gateau"

 By: flamenco : January 30th, 2013-17:47
Had to goolge that .......... now that I know what it means, need to find out how to pronunce that. LOL ! Thank you for your kind words and I feel the same about its simplicity and pureness. Magic ! Speaking of gold indices, the 1966 Chrono is looking bet... 

Beautiful, and nicely photographed Flamenco!

 By: CaliforniaJed : January 30th, 2013-15:19
I really like it, too. Congratulations. Best, CaliforniaJed

Thanks Jed !

 By: flamenco : January 30th, 2013-17:59
Last time I was this exicited was with the acquisition of the Moser Mayu. And it took another dress watch for me to get to this higher place. Not seen u post much of late, so thank you very much for the kind words. Much appreciated !

Both are great!

 By: CaliforniaJed : January 30th, 2013-20:02
I read but don't post as much as I used to. No time!

GP Petite Seconds

 By: sueno213 : January 31st, 2013-10:31
I have had my eye on the petite second for a while, but can't seem to pull the trigger. Possibly the step down in price for resale, although I rarely resele a watch, but still.....Maybe I;ll wait for the GP 1966 MINUTE REPEATER

That would be the ONE

 By: flamenco : January 31st, 2013-22:18
Unfortunately, the Min Rep would be beyond my means. Please do share when u get your hands on it !

I agree with everything you say!!

 By: WHL : January 31st, 2013-11:24
This is probably the nicest affordable piece in the 1966 collection, and I like each and every watch in the line. Enjoy it! Bill

Thanks Bill !

 By: flamenco : January 31st, 2013-22:20
66 in 2013 looks like a great year ! Le Historique as you would call it ;)

A worthy owner

 By: blackthought : February 16th, 2013-00:40
Dear Flamenco, It warms my heart and gives me great pleasure to read your post. The watch has found a worthy home.... Take care & best regards.

Dear Flamenco, although it took me 1.5years...

 By: Seeks : July 14th, 2014-07:43
Althought it took me 1.5years...many thanks for sharing your journey and discovery into GP. This is what Purist site is about. will post more on my new toy soon, but here's a quick first shot Also thanks to Fernando for his various posts such as Kind reg...  

You too, Seeks?! :)

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 14th, 2014-11:07
Congrats on a stunning! Please come back with more pics! :) Best Blomman

Looking forward to that! :) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 15th, 2014-11:10

many thanks!

 By: Seeks : July 15th, 2014-08:16
i've been looking at your superb pics too my friend! best --seeks

Who can argue with that?

 By: Mostel : July 22nd, 2014-22:43
Among the most beautiful watches of all time, IMHO. And since you were so candid in your post, I will add that the only thing that I quibble with, is the movements size, not its design or execution. But this is a watch of crazy beauty, especially in rg.

+1! :) [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : July 22nd, 2014-23:57