Ah, cool, wonder how the back side looks like... [nt]

Mar 17, 2019,07:55 AM

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My first, or should I say second GP ...

 By: nilomis : July 23rd, 2012-14:40
Since I saw Andrew post about his GP1999 Chronograph, Ref. 4946 I started looking for a similar watch. The discrete elegance of Andrew's GP in association with his great review was a strong trigger. GP does not have a strong presence here where I live and...  

That is an excellent catch, Nilo.

 By: amanico : July 23rd, 2012-22:51
These GP Chronos are very nice. Sensual, elegant... If only they didn't have this date! ;) Enjoy yours, it is a pure beauty, even with the Date. :) Best, Nilo and congratulations! Nicolas

Very nice. I wonder if there has been a feature made...

 By: Echi : July 23rd, 2012-23:11
where you can hide the date window if you don't need to have that information. maybe something like a sliding cover. could be a mechanical nightmare though.

The simpler would have been to make a plain dial.

 By: amanico : July 23rd, 2012-23:21
What JLC did for the TT DSA.... Whiich houses a Cal 956 which normally provides the date. Best, Nicolas

I have mixed feelings about the date ...

 By: nilomis : July 24th, 2012-04:21
I own two identical watches (Longines LLD) with and without date and it seems that every time that I need the date I'm wearing the without the date. There are companies that implements the date disk better (The LLD date, as an example). Others, like Rolex... 


 By: dxboon : July 24th, 2012-00:03
I love your pictures! You manage to make a handsome watch even nicer! A great choice for your (growing) GP collection! Cheers, Daos

Very nice watch Nilo.....

 By: Sandgroper : July 24th, 2012-01:45
I just got my first GP few weeks ago and I LOVE it, very nice photos too! En passant, Mario Andretti won the Formula1 Championship in 1978, although born in Italy, he was American when he won:) Kind regards from cold Down Under! Francois

Thanks. About Mario Andretti ...

 By: nilomis : July 24th, 2012-04:25
For sure, and Mario also did well on Indy racing later. Phil Hill was the first American to win (1961). Cheers, Nilo

Beautiful watch congratulations! [nt]

 By: Ares501 - Mr Green : July 24th, 2012-03:47


 By: AndrewD : July 30th, 2012-19:43
Dear Nilo, Congratulations on the Ref. 4945. Very pleased I played a small part in pushing you towards it. These GP chronographs are perfect on the wrist and enormously pleasurabl... 

Details ...

 By: nilomis : July 31st, 2012-09:47
Thank you Andrew for the introduction to the GP chronographs. I'm loving the watch and as much I look to the GP, more I like it. I notice that, like the Zenith, the date is located at 4:30 but, here is a nice detail, the data window does not breaks the ta... 

Reviving an old post with some questions...

 By: alfanator : December 17th, 2016-16:05
Hi. I am curious what the differences are between a 4945 and 4946. Please teach me, thanks!

Please make a search here in our GP forum on 4945 and 4946 and you will find some info

 By: blomman Mr Blue : December 18th, 2016-00:56
But let's hope CC can give more details! Best Blomman

Reference 4946, 4945 and 4930

 By: crown comfort : December 18th, 2016-02:20
Hello, wow, you really dug out an old post. For a moment I thought Nilo just bought a new GP, well, perhaps now that you reminded him... So a couple of clarifications as this has been asked a few times before. Ref 4946, also called the Vintage 1999 Chrono... 

Thank you for the clarification, CC! [nt]

 By: blomman Mr Blue : December 18th, 2016-10:31

Thanks for the response

 By: alfanator : December 24th, 2016-16:39
I just picked up a 4945 with black dial, lovely watch. To summarize, the 4945 had a solid case back with 2280 movement, and the 4946 had display backs with the 3XXX movements?

Hi CC, indeed a rose gold 4945 does exist!

 By: NT931 : March 17th, 2019-07:32
Saw one on sale today online. The black dial and RG case go well but I wonder about the choice of numerals on top and none below. ...  

All I have from the seller is this pic

 By: NT931 : March 17th, 2019-17:57
Not the clearest, but the "4945" reference is at the bottom ...  

What a nice GP-Chrono !.. Like the contrast between dial color & hands/indices ! :))

 By: hs111 : December 25th, 2016-01:50
Sincere Congrats & wear it in the very Best of your Health ! Cheers & Have a great Xmas Sunday ! hs

Classic G-P Nilo!

 By: jporos : March 18th, 2019-06:25
Love the piston pushers.