Pictures from a lockdown.

Jul 27, 2020,05:16 AM

Lockdown is not completely over in Spain and, as long as we keep on tracing the contagion, it won’t be over anytime soon. However, and In spite of a strange feeling of shadowy nuisance, we are everyday closer to the ordinary life we used to live before the lockdown began. Strangely enough, in many regions of this peculiar country, normality means running back to our stressful lives, more than taking it easy and relaxing.

In the last months, when the lockdown was much stricter, I rediscovered surrounding spaces, a different extent of personal communication, the sounds of nature, even silence.

Among those novel circumstances, I was lucky enough to spend my Sundays with my extended family. We used to share lunch time and for innumerable weeks we alternated the preparation of special meals to share with our beloved relatives. Quite accidentally, the members of our extended family come from different countries, so different, wonderful meals were prepared every time. Here goes a “taste” of most of them… 

Steamed mussels.

The poor Easter lamb!


Ratatouille (detail)

Sacher torte!

The poor rabbit with chocolate!

My polenta!


Paella (finally!)

My silly risotto with mushrooms!

Everypone’s too busy to cook!



Momos or gyozas!


Vegetable pie.

My crostata!


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My god!!

 By: Ted-Lo : July 27th, 2020-05:18
Your picture are divine!!! Food looks so good.

This looks amazing!

 By: dedestexhes : July 27th, 2020-05:27
One would almost wish the lockdown would still be in place. Specifically like to see other people liking rabbit. What a classic with chocolate. Thanks for sharing , Dirk

Your're welcome!

 By: Mary Anny : July 27th, 2020-05:34
We are among those people that may have rabbits both as pets and meals... Not necessarily at the same time. Simone

You might end up like the English folks this weekend, who suddenly got their holidays extended by 2 weeks

 By: cazalea : July 27th, 2020-06:49
Just for going to Spain. Actually it’s the same going to Hawaii right now; I’m think about going out there to Quarantine myself for a month or two ...

You'll be welcome! [nt]

 By: Mary Anny : July 27th, 2020-09:36

Yes it could!

 By: Mary Anny : July 27th, 2020-23:17
It was quite a common dish in Catalonia before all the tapas, mojitos, and all such bullshit!

:))) [nt]

 By: amanico : July 27th, 2020-23:27