Stay cool out there everyone..

Jul 28, 2022,22:27 PM

Seems like it’s a scorcher everywhere. 

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I think it's broken, the fan doesn't turn fast enough:) I should just give it away.

 By: jp884 : July 28th, 2022-23:13
That's the joke with the GT3 RS guys, car has 30k miles on it?! Best to leave it on the side of the road with the keys in and hope that someone will just take it to avoid the dump fee


 By: Arronax : July 28th, 2022-23:25
There's a hole in your watch Send us a macro shot if you can, it looks amazing from here!

I’m the wrong person to ask for macros from

 By: jp884 : July 29th, 2022-00:00
I’m lucky enough to get a decent wrist shot. There are some amazing photographers on this forum. I’m just not one of them. ...  

Great shot

 By: Arronax : July 29th, 2022-00:13
One of my favorite fpj


 By: Cozmopak : July 29th, 2022-01:01
That’s a good summer watch


 By: jp884 : July 29th, 2022-01:04
I think you like this one my friend 😉 Think I might wear it out to date night tonight with my wife. ...  

Bro, wherever and whenever you wear that watch

 By: EdTonkin : July 29th, 2022-02:12
it’s gonna be HOT!

Lovely FPJ my friend!

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : July 29th, 2022-14:26