RQ configuration:

Sep 06, 2022,15:34 PM

RQ Configuration: Has anyone seen or considered an 18K 6N Gold case but a Dial: white Gold and whitened guilloché Silver? In other words the RG case with a Silver/Gray dial. Post pictures if you have seen this, please? What is your opinion? thanks

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Here's a previous model for now...

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : September 6th, 2022-16:10


 By: ___Just1More___ : September 6th, 2022-16:14
An amazing combo--thanks for sharing

Its a great combination

 By: ChristianDK : September 6th, 2022-19:26
It’s rare but works great. I know someone who has one. I can write him and ask if he will provide a picture.

Sounds Great

 By: ___Just1More___ : September 6th, 2022-20:20
I hope you can get it!

I have it.

 By: Gr8ful : September 7th, 2022-01:09
Will get a picture for you

 By: Gr8ful : September 7th, 2022-01:21
Love this set up and don’t see many. ...  

Thank You. It’s beautiful

 By: ChristianDK : September 7th, 2022-03:29

 By: Gr8ful : September 7th, 2022-03:36
It sure is. Very lucky to have in collection

A warm welcome to you!

 By: ChristianDK : September 7th, 2022-03:58
Thank you for jumping in and joining us. What an entrance 👌 We hope you will enjoy the forum. This Resonance is a superb combination. For some reason the RQ case looks very convincing in gold. You did very well/

 By: Gr8ful : September 7th, 2022-04:07
Appreciate it! Been lurking for many years Best!


 By: JohnJohn : September 7th, 2022-08:42
This is a scarce combination. I heard it is 1 out of 20 ratios for this config.


 By: ___Just1More___ : September 7th, 2022-05:29
That’s the ticket !!!! Thanks so much for sharing

Laurent Journe has that configuration.

 By: TheMadDruid : September 7th, 2022-09:41
It’s quite beautiful.

Now, here's a picture you might like...

 By: India Whiskey Charlie : September 8th, 2022-22:46
Courtesy of ”alexcrownlive" on Instagram ...  

Well oh well.

 By: ___Just1More___ : September 9th, 2022-06:55
Isn’t that stunning.

Platinum Salmon dial!

 By: Sandro Range : September 22nd, 2022-22:40
Each combination is beautiful but the most beautiful is platinum with a salmon dial

In your opinion

 By: ___Just1More___ : September 22nd, 2022-22:49
Everyone has different tastes