Camille Fournet for classics, ABP for unusual things.

Jul 21, 2021,21:20 PM

Both have online configuration…

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Alternate straps - from where (no boutique here!)

 By: stefflod : July 21st, 2021-19:35
Hi, please excuse the newbie question which may have been asked a thousand times - but where do you chaps source some of these great straps? I have just purchased a Octa Lune from an AD and there are no boutiques or other shops available here (Cayman). sm... 

I think your best option in the beginning is to contact a Journe boutique....

 By: ChristianDK : July 21st, 2021-19:40
Have a look in the website. there are also some options like a collected man or bespoke ffrom the usual suspects.

First off, congrats on the new watch.

 By: Jay (Eire) : July 21st, 2021-19:42
Second, you need to share some pictures! Third, to your question. For me, with one exception (the straps for my Vagbondage), everything is OEM Journe sourced from the Boutiques. I’ve found I really like the double sided straps, and the padding (minimal ta... 

thanks - will post pic when I don the watch...

 By: stefflod : July 21st, 2021-19:44
the std strap is a bit long and I am loath to put an extra hole in it!

I’ve also bought all small / short size straps.

 By: Jay (Eire) : July 21st, 2021-19:47
My wrist is 6.25 inches and the short strap probably leaves only .05 to 1 inch of “tail”. I think I’m using the 2nd or 3rd pin hole. That might be too little play for some people.

also 6.25"

 By: stefflod : July 21st, 2021-19:51
thanks for the tip

yep - needs to be same quality

 By: stefflod : July 21st, 2021-19:50
I've had straps from a couple of places for 'lesser' watches and it has been a bit hit-and-miss

Camille Fournet for classics, ABP for unusual things.

 By: xxcesar : July 21st, 2021-21:20
Both have online configuration…


 By: jpd : July 21st, 2021-23:27
You may want to try They feature straps for FPJ Best, Jan