Trying the Chopard ALPINE EAGLE

Jul 31, 2021,10:59 AM

We all watch enthusiasts know, how nice and how dangerous it is, to enter your local dealer and check a new model. With knowledge and pleasure we are lusting for more and more.

Some collect watches , some wear them, and some change them. I belong more to the last group. That made me have 17 watches in 7 years. My last purchase was a Chopard LUC Classic 1937, which I introduced here 2days ago.
Did I catch the fire of this newer model ALPLINE EAGLE? - Let's explain my view. LUC Classic and Alpine Eagle have almost the same movement inside. 01.01L versus 01.01C , difference is as far as I know only the treatment of the L-Version, which received more dedication. It is nicer executed. But the technical datas are the same. So we can come to the essential things outside. The look is very different. The LUC Classic is more elegant and flatters the senses. The ALPINE EAGLE is another type of watch. It's all about integration. Strap and case are together, material wise and formal. On top sits the Iris of the Eagle's eye, the face. It is very special executed, like nothing else on the market. The face is very well readable, sharp and clear like an eye. I was interested in the 3 hands-model, here we have 3 colors as I know. Plus a version with golden bezel. I tried them all in the Chopard Boutique in Zurich-Switzerland.
This golden variant is not in my monetary league, so I have the blue and graphite colors. The newest variant "Gstaad" in silvery color is dedicated to the village in the Swiss mountains with golden colored romanic indexes and hands. I had not the chance to see that personally. The blue face is a bit better readable, has better contrast to see the time. At first it looks more attractive. After switching from graphite to blue and back and again, also looking from far in the big mirror, the seller and I had the impression and sentiment, that the grayish face is the better decision. More neutral, better to combine to all kind of dresses, better harmony overall. But this is as always a personal decision at the moment. I surely have to go there again to verify. Overall I feel, this ALPINE EAGLE is the more completed watch on your wrist, it's more an eye-catcher. The metal is a Chopard development, which is brighter and more scratch resisting than standard watch-steal. 

But look yourself on the pictures. What is your impression?


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I have tried them a few times in the last year .

 By: Watchonthewrist : July 31st, 2021-12:29
I have to admit i do like the overall look and feel of the watch . They could have made a closed case back imo. The dial is beautiful and i hope they make a few more color variations like the one for a turkeys collectors group . The three hands is my fave...  

I like this range

 By: Cookies : August 1st, 2021-01:59
Admit I been looking closely at the model releases. The one that caught my eye most was the Turkish red version, and the standard grey version. Why I like it? It is a very honest product, competetively priced with excellent finishing (from my sources in S... 

Competitive pricing

 By: dr66 : August 1st, 2021-05:07
yes what they ask for these watches is really worth for it. Special colors are always interesting to see, but at last, I think, it is better to decide for a conventional color.

Retrying again and again

 By: dr66 : August 18th, 2021-07:42
Hi dears I surely went now 4 times to retry the grey Alpine Eagle. Just to find out, if it is really the watch I want. I mean, it is what it is. But does this kind of watch fit my lifestyle? Do I need such a special looking watch? It will be my main watch...