Old but still a modern look...

Apr 18, 2020,05:07 AM

L.U.C Chrono One 1st gen, here one of the 20 pieces Boutique Edition from 2009...

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 By: Jurry : April 18th, 2020-06:19
The beauty of a watch like this is not only that it is beautiful but these always remain beautiful. You can’t say: “old but still beautiful”. You can only say: “aged in perfection”

In Steel

 By: bon092 : April 20th, 2020-11:07
From the same family but made in steel. Made around same year. Mine says Hi ...  

Chopard had some really cool and creative dials in the 2000s

 By: MichaelC : May 3rd, 2020-06:34
There are some I would enjoy owning for sure.