L.U.C Lunar One

Dec 02, 2021,08:03 AM

I started December with this old buddy - i still like its charm and technically it is brilliant anyway: L.U.C Lunar One 1st gen, perpetual calendar, all indications jumping instantaneously, orbital moonphase

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 By: J K : December 2nd, 2021-08:06


 By: p.boxster : December 2nd, 2021-19:38
…but to be honest not in short months. Every day exactly at midnight, big date and day jump. Moonphase switches around 11 am. From Nov 30th Nov to Dec 1st for example, the big date starts to change to 31 around 9pm and then jumps to 1 at midnight…

Lunar One

 By: derstowe2 : December 4th, 2021-23:15
Wonderful under-appreciated piece. And see it in white gold!

Lovely dial

 By: MSB : December 5th, 2021-20:47
Makes one smile. It is nice to have luminous hands and second in such a dressy piece; often omitted by PP and other dress watches imho.

Love this post!

 By: jamesbutler1222 : December 8th, 2021-04:17
Absolutely stunning! A black band would be killer!!!