Chopard USA Service Center

Jan 05, 2022,22:58 PM

Greetings fellow Luc ers,

I rode down from Palm beach on my trusty steed to Coral Gables where the Chopard USA service center is located. I have an older LUC sport that is in need of service.

Andre Theurillat received my watch and was very knowledgeable of previous management who I interacted with when they had a service center in Manhattan.

I mentioned that my LUC fleurier was not keeping the best time and Andre mentioned that winders do not generally get the watches wound enough to achieve a good rate. I will see if He can send me the technical details we discussed.

Essentially most LUC movements require 4 tpm ( turns per minute) for many hours to be fully wound.

Below is an outside shot of the building and an interior shot of reception.



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to wind or not too wind that is the question...

 By: MSB : January 6th, 2022-08:03
Amanico, Do you have any perpetual pieces? Do you also leave them in the safe? regards

Good to know.

 By: CR : January 6th, 2022-21:17
I didn't realize Chopard stopped servicing watches in NYC. They had wonderful customer service in Manhattan the last time I dealt with them, which was years ago.