Wonderful link to the Past. The apanage of the Grandes Maisons. [nt]

Mar 10, 2020,03:40 AM

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Where the idea of Cartier's 'Rotonde Jour et Nuit' came from.

 By: Geo : March 8th, 2020-03:15
We all know the Cartier Rotonde 'Jour et Nuit' or 'Day & Night', that Cartier released in 2006 for their Collection Privée, Cartier Paris series. But what I only discovered a few years later, was the fact that the concept of this watch was inspired, b...  


 By: Jurry : March 8th, 2020-03:41
First of all: it’s a gorgeous time piece which is not seen often enough on the forum. Secondly, I agree it’s great to see how a brand uses their own legacy to be inspired for new pieces. Keeps the thing going so to speak. That clock is gorgeous, I had nev... 

This 'Rotonde Day & Night'

 By: Geo : March 9th, 2020-09:37
and the 'Rotonde Mysterieuse' are both based on the technology of the Cartier clocks ftom the Twenties and Thirties. Especially the 'Mysterieuse' is worth seeing. GEO

The Rotonde Jour et Nuit original is such a beauty!

 By: Ano Nuevo : March 8th, 2020-08:58
Love this iteration with seconds indicator, over the later moon phase edition. Thanks for that photo and the historical info about the lineage of the watch. Ano “Cartier? Oh, yes, please.” Nuevo