Tortue xl 8 days Cartier Paris

Oct 09, 2020,23:33 PM

I finally uploaded my pictures successfully. I like it very much,I want to have more “cpcp”s

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Such a amazing and beautiful Cartier .

 By: Watchonthewrist : October 10th, 2020-01:13
Love it

The tortue series is great

 By: Arronax : October 10th, 2020-01:56
I occasionally borrow this one from a friend, exquisite especially in cpcp: ...  

Terrific! [nt]

 By: felipeye : October 10th, 2020-03:18

Superb [nt]

 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : October 10th, 2020-04:41

Thank you very much [nt]

 By: felipeye : October 10th, 2020-07:56

The Collection Privée series was amazing

 By: Geo : October 10th, 2020-09:15
and the 8 days version of the Tortue is a gorgeous watch. GEO

Thank you,Geo [nt]

 By: felipeye : October 12th, 2020-06:45

Mine says hi...

 By: hackingseconds : October 10th, 2020-20:05
Cheers! ...  

Shake hands WG version

 By: felipeye : October 11th, 2020-05:01

Great watch.

 By: wover : October 12th, 2020-05:19
I want one! But not many 'experienced' watches are for sale and it's easy to guess why. Maybe... perhaps... hopefully, Cartier will do a new version of the 8 days...?