great post:)

Aug 11, 2011,04:50 AM

beautiful--thx for sharing


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A close look at the Rotonde de Cartier Singapore limited edition

 By: SJX : August 8th, 2011-20:56
Cartier has a tradition of making limited editions for particular boutiques or countries, typically in small runs of a few dozen or less. Examples include the Tortue monopusher chronograph for 13 Rue de la Paix (hence the “13” at 12 o’clock) or the Tank C...  

Not about the SG LE but the Greater China LE

 By: ArthurSG : August 9th, 2011-07:57
There are 2 crowns for time adjustment... 2 separate movements??

Dude... my eyes are failing but

 By: ArthurSG : August 9th, 2011-17:41
I am close enough to my screen and I see 2 sets to time indicators, one of them with Chinese numbers and I am sure I see 2 crowns. Your perspectibve affected from over buying of flowers?

You are looking at the wrong watch

 By: SJX : August 9th, 2011-20:02
The Tank with two crowns IS a Greater China limited edition from a few years ago. The Singapore LE is the round watch further down. - SJX

That one was from 2007 or so.

 By: SJX : August 9th, 2011-20:18
I think it is already sold out. - SJX

Full info on the Tank Cintree

 By: SJX : August 9th, 2011-21:50
I dug up the link: - SJX

thank you for this.

 By: ArthurSG : August 10th, 2011-20:51
Some could be smitten by this


 By: mpiz : August 9th, 2011-09:27
They should have left the '8' alone and used romans instead of arabic. Spoils the watch immediately. Cartier is a brand that I associate with a certain amount of class and elegance. With that said, these obvious hints of it being an LE ruins it completely... 

:) [nt]

 By: playtime : August 11th, 2011-04:51
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Thanks a lot for the presentation SJX

 By: foversta : August 9th, 2011-13:51
A very fine watch... even if I'm not a great fan of the two colours used for the date display. Fx

Like the WG version.

 By: KIH : August 9th, 2011-21:10
Overall design is quite unique and surely LE appearance and that makes this, well, LE. I like it. Thanks for the report, SJX. I still wish they made LE with 39mm version, too. Ken

Good point, sir :-)

 By: KIH : August 9th, 2011-23:50
You are right..... Maybe I need more 36, 37mm ones..... Kidding! I may expand the view then, hehehe. Ken This message has been edited by KIH on 2011-08-09 23:51:44

great post:)

 By: playtime : August 11th, 2011-04:50
beautiful--thx for sharing J