Ladies taking over? BB40 Aluminium

Jun 15, 2024,15:27 PM

Definitely, there's no his or hers anymore - and this is the best example! She’s wearing the new BB Aluminium 40mm limited edition (1000 pieces) in white!

What are your thoughts?
Big sizes for ladies?
Very sexy!
#bvlgari #london #bondstreet

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Double congratulations !!!!

 By: T.S. : June 15th, 2024-15:32
For adding à Nice watch to your collection and For taking over !

Hands up! ✋🏻🤚🏻

 By: daniel.fernandez : June 15th, 2024-15:44

3x Bvlgari, very nice.

 By: Thomas_3 : June 15th, 2024-18:54
4 if you count the sign.


 By: daniel.fernandez : June 15th, 2024-23:21
A single picture showcases a multitude of icons—watch, bracelets, the ring, and more. The Roman V stands in for U in the name, and a faceted door creates the sensation of stepping into a gem!