Sunday watch picture.

Mar 24, 2024,09:33 AM

The Breguet 5247 chronograph : IMO still one of the most beautiful Breguet's.

Wishing all a nice and relaxing Sunday,

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Villmols merci !!

 By: jlux : March 24th, 2024-09:58


 By: amanico : March 24th, 2024-10:04


 By: jlux : March 24th, 2024-10:15

Best chrono in my books

 By: agyzace : March 24th, 2024-10:35

Case, hands, that dial, that movement…

 By: agyzace : March 24th, 2024-12:10
It has it all..!

Fully agree!

 By: jlux : March 24th, 2024-11:28

What a dial!

 By: blau : March 24th, 2024-11:11
The white enamel with those smooth indentations for subdials, the contrasting blue and red, and especially the snailing tachy scale: this one could only be a Breguet

+1 !!

 By: jlux : March 24th, 2024-14:24

Hot pic!

 By: bruckner4 : March 25th, 2024-13:27
Inspiration for me to pull out its older, smaller brother this am. ...