Some Air Command love during this quarantine . . .

Mar 21, 2020,12:31 PM

I’m amazed when looking at it in different lighting conditions:

Never realized the dial can give off this sunburst aspect:

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Super cool [nt]

 By: Mohannad (aka Riddler) : March 21st, 2020-12:45

I find this attractive.

 By: Ted-Lo : March 21st, 2020-12:49
How is the feel of the Chrono pushers?

Buttery smooth.

 By: Mach : March 21st, 2020-13:03
However, the bezel is quite unique. I've never really felt anything like this. It rotates freely and smoothly, but it doesn't have any notches to line up.

what a watch! gorgeous [nt]

 By: stabilizer : March 21st, 2020-13:06

Water resistance?

 By: Blesk : March 21st, 2020-14:50
Lovely watch! Does it have the standard 50m water resistance or more?

30 meters [nt]

 By: Mach : March 21st, 2020-16:09

Thanks! [nt]

 By: Blesk : March 24th, 2020-04:45

Very cool! I think Blancpain has the finest/most subtle sunburst dials and brushed cases around

 By: Fastwong : March 21st, 2020-18:12
In fact, I can't think of another brand that makes a black sunburst dial.