Sharing this because I enjoy the watch so much...

Feb 05, 2024,10:23 AM

Fantastic on the NATO. I just love how HD the watch looks. But the dial is outstanding. It appears like a sunburst in some light and liquid in other light. Here it is doing a bit of both. Hope your week goes well everyone.

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A good point, a good point...maybe I should look into other colours.

 By: indignantdenial : February 5th, 2024-10:40
I thought maybe something like tan or olive would work well. But I have also thought about the new Jacquard straps, namely the white-grey-black one. Maybe it will work well on this watch. Henrik's Blancpain Blog covers those. /

Thank you. Great to hear.

 By: indignantdenial : February 6th, 2024-02:15

Very nice piece.

 By: myles721 : February 5th, 2024-12:05
Photos never seem to do it justice…was much more impressed seeing it IRL…

Thank you.

 By: indignantdenial : February 6th, 2024-02:11
Photos impressed me, but the real thing floored me.

Beautiful watch

 By: Derreck : February 5th, 2024-12:27
Looking very cool on nato

Thank you. Cool factor matters!

 By: indignantdenial : February 6th, 2024-08:46

They look great in person.

 By: CarAndTimer : February 5th, 2024-13:13
I saw them at the NYC Boutique when I brought my Leman in for a service and it was very tempting seeing these. You got yourself a great watch there. ...  


 By: indignantdenial : February 6th, 2024-02:12
Great to see all these variants. ( one, one day?) I'm in agreement with you...totally wicked watch(es)!

Came so close to getting one...

 By: m2 : February 5th, 2024-16:46
It's a great configuration yours is in. I was mostly surprised by how thick and well done the anglage is on these. Much better than any of the competitors.

It's so impressive.

 By: indignantdenial : February 6th, 2024-02:14
You're right that it beats out just about any competitor. Thank you for the kind words. What did you end up settling on?


 By: m2 : February 6th, 2024-02:44
I really wanted a ceramic bracelet, so I went with a Hublot Integral chronograph in ceramic black. I had the titanium version before & really loved it. This was stupid cheap 2nd hand relative to I couldn't say no

Oh for sure! Nice--congratulations! I think those look quite good actually.

 By: indignantdenial : February 6th, 2024-02:59
I've also heard the Unico performs well. If you get the chance, it'd be great to see some photos!

Wearing great. Keep on enjoying.

 By: hora12reborn : February 5th, 2024-19:55