Quiet but not forgotten

Sep 10, 2022,10:39 AM

This watch was in frequent use in the first year after purchase but that was over a decade ago. Since then it became a quiet part of my collection.
Lately however I’ve been rediscovering its masculine appeal. The Blancpain 50 Fathoms. I went to the blancpain boutique recently and refitted it with a new strap. I realized I never really liked the original sailcloth strap, which was too stiff for me, and now I’ve got a brown leather strap with a special rough finish. It’s worked out well

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Beautiful FF

 By: Cookies : September 10th, 2022-13:24
I’d wear it daily if I had one…love the sapphire capped bezel and the bolted in springbars.

A classic!

 By: MiguelFlash : September 10th, 2022-13:33


 By: amanico : September 10th, 2022-17:06

Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing

 By: AlexSunrise : September 11th, 2022-02:08