Good luck to the buyer. If there is one. [nt]

Nov 13, 2017,04:24 AM

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Rare Air Command

 By: Briandumais : October 26th, 2017-20:02
What do you think of this Air Command? Notes Unknown to the market, this smaller cased Air Command was only recently re-discovered. The current owner inherited the watch from his father, who discovered this watch with another Blancpain Fifty Fathoms in Ma...  

+1 [nt]

 By: shortys home : October 27th, 2017-05:05

+2 [nt]

 By: MichaelC : October 27th, 2017-07:24

Hi Brian

 By: fifty fathoms : October 27th, 2017-05:53
What the hell are you digging out Very interesting watch and history. Do you have more photos of the watch or of the owner with the watch on the wrist. Thanks for posting Stephan


 By: weltronnet : October 27th, 2017-13:20
Hello This watch is on selling at Antiquorum Genève on the 12th of November 2017

air command

 By: XX-FF : October 27th, 2017-07:51
I like the marking on the dial (Blancpain Since 1735) it's a joke !!

;) [nt]

 By: amanico : October 27th, 2017-08:12

It’s a mystery:) [nt]

 By: bill5959 : October 27th, 2017-08:03

Its coming up for auction.

 By: Briandumais : October 27th, 2017-13:44
At antiquorum Geneva, November 12, 2017 lot 492. Does anyone recognize the case? Brian ...  

Type 20?

 By: bill5959 : October 28th, 2017-08:40
This reminds me a lot of the Breguet Type 20. Including case size and Valjoux movement. Of course, they did not have a Base 1000 chapter ring.

Since 1735

 By: fifty fathoms : October 29th, 2017-10:45
My small reptilbrain did not click when I was first reading this. But XX-FF is right. It sounds like a joke. I found this in the www. Very similar to the Cousteau watch. I would like to see the papers from Blancpain Marseille. ...  

You got it..

 By: Briandumais : October 29th, 2017-11:38
They just swapped the bezel with a mid size bp. Very good.

Nice catch. Photos from Antiquorum.

 By: bill5959 : October 30th, 2017-05:08

+ 1

 By: XX-FF : November 2nd, 2017-08:59
Strange this chronograph ordered in 1949 which has a case similar to Aquastar Deepstar released in 1963 for Pre-Continent III? ()

Deepstar Aquastar

 By: XX-FF : November 2nd, 2017-09:03

very interesting,

 By: fifty fathoms : November 2nd, 2017-11:20
that this watch ( specific this watch with a Bakeliteluenette for divers or any diviving watch? ) was ordered in 1949, also 4 years bevor Bob Maloubier invented the classic scuba diving watch with the rotating bezel! Anything is not round here.


 By: Briandumais : November 2nd, 2017-11:41
That does just not make sense to me. Brian

See above

 By: fifty fathoms : November 2nd, 2017-11:50
. To his astonishment, the letter stated that the watch had been ordered by Jacques Cousteau, the famed oceanographer in 1949.

Per Wikipedia he left the French Navy in 1949 then bought the Calypso in 1950

 By: bill5959 : November 2nd, 2017-13:48
Close call that he would have ordered a watch in 1949

Weird, indeed... [nt]

 By: amanico : November 2nd, 2017-11:54

Waiting time: Blancpain beats Rolex ;-)

 By: fifty fathoms : November 3rd, 2017-07:52
This watch was ordered 1949 and released 1962 as Antiquorum tells us on the auction page. I cecked all photos I found in the web wearing Jaques Cousteau a watch. I found him with Omega, Rolex and different others, but no one with wearing this specific wat... 

Here is the paperwork from auction house.

 By: Briandumais : November 6th, 2017-13:10
I want to thank Bill for getting me a clear scan. ...  

Thanks for the scan

 By: XX-FF : November 7th, 2017-05:58
An indecipherable and anonymous signature.... Oh! Oh !

What does the letter say?

 By: Briandumais : November 7th, 2017-09:25
I tried to translate but got nowhere. Does it sound like its Jacques watch??? Brian

Here you are...

 By: amanico : November 7th, 2017-09:33
" After having seen your Blancpain Chronograph ref case xxx movement xxxx Cal 222Valjoux Flyback, black dial with the mention " Blancpain since 1735 and arabic numerals, we certify the authenticity of this watch in all its parts. " Made in our workshop up... 

Thanks a bunch. [nt]

 By: Briandumais : November 7th, 2017-09:45

There is the since 1735 print

 By: fifty fathoms : November 7th, 2017-10:58
on older watches, but never on a diving watch and why selling an aviators watch when ordered a scuba watch. ... to many questions for an old man.... ...  

The same???

 By: amanico : May 19th, 2023-14:19

Letter format is unusual

 By: bill5959 : November 8th, 2017-10:24
The stationary has no embossing that one might expect from a significant watch maker. It also does not look like anything official. I think someone photocopied a letter and made it up. No surprise I know.

Two photos credited to 1956 “The Silent World” featuring Jacques Cousteau.

 By: bill5959 : November 8th, 2017-11:54
I think the one of Cousteau is not from that film. ...  

The game is afoot!

 By: bill5959 : November 13th, 2017-04:16
i just checked the Antiquorum auction results. Item 492—our AC—is not listed. However, I watched that lot sell. It opened and was immediately bid to 80.000chf from the floor. In well under a minute they declared it sold and moved on. I did not have audio... 

Seems the watch was withdrawn from sale...

 By: shortys home : November 22nd, 2017-13:18
... not a big surprise, possibly better this way 😉 Cheers Henrik


 By: amanico : May 19th, 2023-14:19


 By: XX-FF : May 22nd, 2023-16:31
I thought Bonhams was serious????? To come back to this "command air" It has already been sold at Dorotheum in Vienna a few years ago. Despite my report it was not withdrawn from the sale.