Blancpain x71 bracelet adjustment

Feb 03, 2020,19:51 PM

Over the past few years I have turned into a huge fan of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms lineup of watches. I really love the look of both the sailcloth straps and the x70 and x71 bracelet. During this time I have acquired 3 FF watches, the classic 5015, the Bathyscaphe Chrono in steel, and the Ocean Commitment iii.

I really love all three, but the 5015 and OCiii never fit well on my wrist on the x71 bracelet. If I added a half link it was too lose and if I took it out it was too tight. Oddly the Bathy always fit perfectly.

Blancpain does not make it easy to change straps, but I have gotten good at switching out all 3, and finally got the courage to start resizing the x71 this past week. After playing around a bit I discovered that that half links are not exactly half links....not sure if that is common knowledge. The are actually a bit larger than a half link. So when I removed a full link and replaced it with two half links it was perfect!

This may be common knowledge, I am new to this, but thought I would share. Loving the fit of my newly resized x71 5015!

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I am not much of a photographer.

 By: Blancfan : February 4th, 2020-05:41
I took a few pics from father away, The x71 makes the watch seem much larger on the wrist. The proportions are better with the sailcloth strap, but I love the x71 as well. ...