I wonder how the industry would deal with a possible cancellation of this year’s Baselworld because of COVID-19... any thoughts ?

Feb 27, 2020,00:54 AM

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Watches & Wonders 2020( ex SIHH) has just cancelled today.

 By: ChristianDK : February 27th, 2020-01:21
I Think it is quite probable the same will happen with Basel. Timing couldn’t be worse for the (already suffering) fairs. The industry is apparently already suffering due to the effects of Corona virus.

Was to be expected

 By: Jurry : February 27th, 2020-01:26
We could see this coming weeks ago; these fairs cost already a lot of money, interest from manufacturers to participate was already declining for years, corona is hurting sales already plus it will hurt number of fair visitors. This year is written off, m... 

I’m sure that the world can cope without a Baselworld or Watches & Wonders Geneva ..

 By: Cpt Scarlet : February 27th, 2020-01:27
The question is how will global economy cope with the inevitable pandemic.

Baselwhat? +100 (nt)

 By: Rei : February 27th, 2020-02:24

Considering SIHH/W&W was just cancelled today...

 By: patrick_y : February 27th, 2020-02:58
The industry is not going to like the cancellation of the event. It's going to spiral the industry into a further recession. Retailers are already not likely to buy a lot of inventory this year because of the slowing economy. The cancellation of W&W will ... 

Regrettably so [nt]

 By: watch-er : February 27th, 2020-10:02