BaselWorld 2019- Part 4: Interesting Odds and Ends

Mar 23, 2019,15:11 PM

The Breitling Navitmer is excellent and looks identical to the originals. A winner.

Two stunning Bucherer vintage world timers

A couple of bawdy novelties from an independent maker. Indeed some of the most interesting offerings were shown by independents in the south building

Sausages! Not really my thing, but hey it’s Switzerland 🇨🇭

All sorts of accessories being shown too, such as this safe with watch winders

Not a novelty, but this Nomos world timer isn’t half bad

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Digging the 1959 Navitimer

 By: dhendolan : March 23rd, 2019-16:23
The Homeric doggy style not so much.

The one with the dogs

 By: tick28800 : March 23rd, 2019-22:47
Seems to be an interpretation of "a friend in need' from Coolidge, part of the Dogs Playin Poker series from Marcellus Coolidge. I have reproductions of that paintings, but I don't like the watch so much. The Navitimer is ve...