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Oct 28, 2022,16:49 PM

Once again we returned to London for our yearly visit and you never know if you will get something or not. I was really not sure if the boutique would have any pieces for me even though I got a call from the sales associate two weeks beforehand asking me about which pieces I would be interested in. I told him 15500 and Diver and so on - as I do know beggars cannot be choosers. And me only owning one piece really doesnt make a top priority client. 

We arrived at the boutique and the manager presented me with three pieces; 16202 blue dial, 15500 white dial and the reincarnated Beast.
I was beyond delighted to see these pieces as last year I was only shown Offshore models. I have seen the 15500 before but never the iconic 16202. I was really a kid in a candystore.
Being on social media I was a bit worried about the watchstealing in London, however I was set on bringing with me my piece from last year to show that I am a collector. It was a big point of emphasis for me.

I found out that the jumbo and 15 were not for sale, unfortunately, however the Beast was. 
I had never seen the Beast in real life before but it did resonate very much with me; the steel bracelet made it look almost like a weapon and navy straps were gorgeous as it matched the navy dial. The difference in weight took me by suprise and I am absolutely in love with this piece. It doesnt feel that heavy really, but when compared to my titanium piece it is night and day. I do know some associate weight with quality and I just might join that train!

Anyway, I must segway back to the 16202 before finishing.
I have never tried on the 16202 and I must admit I was a bit disappointed that it was so small on my wrist. It is not that I do want a big watch but it has to fit. I only have Offshores (42mm) and it does seem that 41mm would be the natural choice for a Royal Oak. 
I did never expected that the 39mm would so small. I did expect it to be delicate, thin and elegant, which it absolutely is, but it didnt feel exactly right for me when comparing it with the 15. 
This being said, given the history and relevance of the jumbo it is a must have for me down the line. Just to possess it would be a great for my slowly growing collection. I do wish they had 40mm line as I think that would be the perfect size for me.

I of course ended up with with the Beast and we all drank some champagne to celebrate the purchase. 
Then the manager brought out a 77450 which looked extraordinary on my partner(I had previously mentioned that I want a piece for her). It was drop dead gorgeous. The two toned RO looked marvelous and we both liked the balance between the steel and rose gold. She really liked it and I said I would love for her to have it. I wouldnt mind a two toned Royal Oak for myself actually so I hope they bring those back. 
The manager then wrote down my desire for a grey 15500 and the lady’s Royal Oak. After the paperwork I got a key chain octogon and a travel box, to my suprise! And when we left it started to rain so I got an umbrella as well!

Just such a lovely team from the doorman to the manager. I was hoping for a 15500 or Diver but I got a monster which fits me very well.
I do hope I get a call within 6 months as one year is a long time for me to wait. I do not want to be bothersome and visit several times a year for nothing either.

Anyway, sorry about the horrible english and here are some pictures:

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Very nice indeed 💪

 By: Andy_Mac : October 28th, 2022-17:09
Thanks for the write up 🙏 Enjoy 👊👍

Thank you!

 By: Eikþyrnir : October 29th, 2022-10:07
Appreciate it mate!

Thank you!

 By: Eikþyrnir : October 29th, 2022-10:08
Appreciate the kind words!


 By: myles721 : October 28th, 2022-17:57
Great choice…I can honestly say any future purchases will be in person. Two of my pieces were online purchases and although they were as advertised the purchases were a deflating experience. It’s great when you feel well taken care of…enjoy!🍾🎉🎊 🎈 ... 

Merci beaucoup!

 By: Eikþyrnir : October 29th, 2022-10:09
Thanks mate! In person is something else! I have never bought a time piece online but i can certainly see its advantages, however I do believe meeting and purchasing in person is important !

Congratulations. You acquired a great Offshore.

 By: MichaelC : October 29th, 2022-15:30
And building the relationship is key for future purchases. Well done.

Appreciate it!

 By: Eikþyrnir : October 29th, 2022-20:35
Thanks Michael! I do hope my next piece is either a Royal Oak or Code, but Im really hoping for a Royal Oak! The Beast is great


 By: systematic.entropy : November 18th, 2022-14:56
Hope you enjoy the new Beast! I'll admit, I always picture it in my mind on the bracelet. But, it really does hit different on the blue rubber. Lovely watch on either option.