Thanks you,You can get it in AP service center. I got mine in Singapore [nt]

Feb 15, 2013,06:15 AM

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S Beumi in Yellow. Pro and cons....?

 By: logan : February 14th, 2013-17:13
Too "Loud"?...  


 By: AllThingsWatches : February 15th, 2013-02:02
I for one love it! I really like the buemi piece.


 By: charles123 : February 15th, 2013-06:10
Great looking watch piece. Where did you get the strap from?

Definitely bold.

 By: MichaelC : February 15th, 2013-06:15
When I saw the piece at SIHH, I could not help but imagine how incredible it would look on a Survivor hornback with yellow stitching.

never tried that on Yet...: )

 By: logan : February 15th, 2013-06:25
anyway micheal, do you think the ROO RG rubber clad would look good if i change the bezel to carbon or ceramic? i havent ask the service center if they can do it or not...saw don post the tourbillon RG on carbon look good hey..i know the tourbillon make i... 

Would it look good? Yes.

 By: MichaelC : February 15th, 2013-06:36
But AP will not make this sort of change. Typically, parts on a specific watch can only be replaced with like parts. So a worn rubber bezel can be replaced with a new rubber bezel, but you cannot simply pick from other materials. The "rubberclad" is also ... 

noted thank you [nt]

 By: logan : February 15th, 2013-06:48

'great piece.. nice bold combo.. enjoy!

 By: nvbee : February 15th, 2013-07:31
..if such swapping is allowed, i'm afraid AP would have no more limited pieces to sell ;)


 By: nautilus : February 15th, 2013-13:54
Your Buemi is simply stunning!

thank you nautilus.. [nt]

 By: logan : February 15th, 2013-16:07


 By: Patriek : February 16th, 2013-19:06
I love this combo !

Great looking combo!

 By: kglaw : February 18th, 2013-06:15

No cons for me.....

 By: moc : February 18th, 2013-09:55
Its a beauty...I am in my strap revolution period these days so,i welcome your pictures like a breath of fresh air...spring is coming.. Mo