Hi All, A fellow member “AP Poisoner” asked me (“AP Poisonee”) to join him at the AP House to view some sought-after pieces.

Aug 25, 2021,14:50 PM

Once there, he proceeded to poison me with both the black and white ceramic PC pieces.  Before we went, he had mentioned the White, and I thought “No way !!  Too bright and too feminine !!”.  After seeing it in the metal, I felt otherwise.  

The White is actually quite attractive !  It is a bit loud but matches dress shirts well.  If one were bold, he/she could pull it off by wearing a T-shirt to really flaunt this piece.

The black openworked PC looks powerful & masculine !  On the wrist, it is definitely eye-catching.  Heft wise, ceramic pieces are quite light.

Ebony and ivory: perfect harmony !

Vincent, the senior sales associate, mentioned that these ceramic pieces are quite limited in production because they are difficult to manufacture.  Each watch is carved out and made from one ceramic block !  Furthermore, ceramic is a challenging material to work with because of its hardness.  Apparently just polishing the bezel takes 8 hours !!  Vincent said that the Black PC is no longer produced so that capacity can be diverted for making the Black openworked PC and White PC.  

 A few days after visiting, I met up with forum member Horoloupe (whom I dub as THE AP King🤴) and he had on the discontinued Black PC.  He mentioned to me how special this watch was to him.  Horoloupe also said that each link takes lots of man hours to polish and it is very time consuming to produce these ceramic pieces.  Now I feel that these pieces must be treasured on the wrist no matter which color.

Although I find the white intriguing, overall the black suits my style more.  Between ceramic and steel, I would need to use a coin toss because, although ceramic cannot be scratched, I am a bit concerned with ceramic being brittle and could break on impact.  Which one would you choose ?  the black or white and why ?  What would your choice be between steel and ceramic PCs ?

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The white doesn't suit my style...

 By: mdg : August 25th, 2021-14:55
...but the dial is easier to read : )
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True, the white ceramic is more legible.

 By: GLau : August 29th, 2021-13:14
They are timepieces but reading time might not their main purpose 🤣
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Any piece will do

 By: Cookies : August 25th, 2021-15:09
Below 40mm. They are all so beautiful!! Hot hot
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Great answer, any will

 By: GLau : August 29th, 2021-13:14
be good !
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Wow Gordon fantastic pieces all round

 By: JTCL : August 25th, 2021-15:37
I normally go to the boutique in ICC but they never have the ceramic pieces.. wonder if I could join you and your friends next time to view these beauties? 😍
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The ceramic pieces are worth seeing.

 By: GLau : August 29th, 2021-13:22
Please PM me.
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First one, black...second one, white

 By: pfang56 : August 25th, 2021-17:20
I made my choice when the first model came out in 2017! I agree with all of the observations - what's surprising to me is how light the watch is relative to any steel or titanium models. Also, I've worn it frequently and so far - cross fingers - no chips,...  
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THAT is the one to have. AP's best all ceramic model, IMO

 By: MichaelC : August 26th, 2021-12:29
I'm a big fan of openworking, but you can't argue with the legibility of the solid dial, especially on a PC. Great shot!
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Many thanks from you!!

 By: pfang56 : August 27th, 2021-04:42
Love the skeleton perpetual watches, but on the ceramic maybe it could be a tad bit more legible? Anyway first world problems… Cheers and have a great weekend! Peter
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Thanks for sharing a photo of your (discontinued) ceramic PC !

 By: GLau : August 29th, 2021-13:23
It looks powerful 💪 and gorgeous !
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Lots of details to examine in the black PC openworked !

 By: GLau : August 29th, 2021-13:29
Any of the ceramic pieces is great !
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 By: Chronometer (aka yacomino) : August 29th, 2021-15:51
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Will take any poison

 By: AlexLau.ar : August 26th, 2021-08:12
Was such a great experience, I have never seen that many rare and exclusive pieces in one place. What a treat
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Good choice of poison ☠️ Alex !

 By: GLau : August 29th, 2021-13:29
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Black for me if choosing on AP ceramics

 By: MichaelC : August 26th, 2021-12:32
I have seen the white in person and one thing it loses compared to the black is the legibility of the brush strokes. A very key feature of any classic all steel Royal Oak, and the black seems to display it much more like steel. In the end, I personally pr... 
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Good point Michael ! The brush strokes are well revealed in the black ceramics c !

 By: GLau : August 29th, 2021-13:32
The white ceramic was a real pleasant surprise to me in the metal. Thanks for weighing in on steel vs ceramic.
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Good choice Justin !

 By: GLau : August 29th, 2021-13:33
Hope to see it on your wrist soon !
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🤣 Justin, are you replying to me (GLau) or

 By: GLau : August 29th, 2021-17:03
Raymond ? 😉
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no worries Justin !

 By: GLau : August 30th, 2021-12:07
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 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 2nd, 2021-12:41
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Ummm ...🤔 thinking more, from now on, should I

 By: GLau : September 5th, 2021-17:10
refer you as Justine ?? 🤣
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LOL Gordon. I better go choose a nice looking dress first 😜🤣

 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 7th, 2021-21:13
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Hi Justin”e”, are your certain that

 By: GLau : September 12th, 2021-16:59
you have not been using your girlfriend’s dresses ? 🤣😂
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Ok you busted me 😉🤣🤣

 By: holdemchamp1225 : September 13th, 2021-12:30
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Special choice

 By: Weems@8 : August 29th, 2021-20:28
I like the white. I have the same concerns and worries as you. Can i wear a white AP? As a man i must take a black, but i am jealous that ladies have more opportunities by choosing a color and design. Lucky ones. So ending up with something black, i will ... 
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Thanks for your comments.

 By: GLau : August 30th, 2021-12:07
The white ceramic PC is sized mainly for men. So AP feels that male collectors would like this style also.
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