And you did very well! It is on my wrist for one month, now, and my heart is bleeding at the idea to give it back to its owner. [nt]

Nov 14, 2018,23:54 PM

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Lange und Sohne Langematik Anniversary. It could have been for ten years in my collection...

 By: amanico : November 7th, 2018-00:45
If only it didn't left me in some sad circumstances. I was hunting this watch for several years before being able to find one in Paris, on the 7th of November... 2008. I was totally crazy for that Langematik, for some good reasons: Its 37 mm case, which i...  

Lovely post of a lovely piece.

 By: afl : November 7th, 2018-01:31
Definitely an extraordinary watch hidden behind so pure and elegant design. Like everyone here I am also following your posts with a big interest and discovering that we have similar tastes in some places especially as an owner of a Datograph, Grande Reve... 

very charming piece this one

 By: keks : November 7th, 2018-13:17
indeed as you say, better to have lived than not!

Great shots and narrative, sir!

 By: Langepedia : November 7th, 2018-13:54
Thanks for sharing!

Yes ! [nt]

 By: tombub : November 7th, 2018-15:31

;) [nt]

 By: amanico : November 7th, 2018-23:06

Great story my friend

 By: Watcholic_id : November 9th, 2018-23:20
For me, the Langematuk anniversary & the 1815 MO Emil Lange would be a superb duo. Absolutely brilliant piece 😍😍😍 And i hope you will find justice for this issue very soon, my friend 🙏🏾🙏🏾 Cheers

Here’s mine for your viewing pleasure

 By: Stylophile : November 14th, 2018-18:17
Bought it from a friend in Europe around 2002; he wore it once and put it away; didn’t like the red XII ( can you believe it!!) sold it to me at a significant discount from the original sale price. I guess that’s what they call a lucky break. It’s a keepe...  

Gorgeous watch

 By: David Elliott : November 19th, 2018-18:35
One of the best looking watches ever produced. The red strap is a nice alternative to the black.

You’ve helped me understand a lot more the charm of this watch

 By: rnaden : November 19th, 2018-20:07
I like the red XII against the white, and the automatic, that makes a daily wear more practical. Great write up, and here’s still hoping with you that you’ll get yours back someday soon!