If you can wear the Lange 1 38.5 and Aquanaut 40.8, this is in between 👍🏻

May 26, 2023,01:24 AM

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Do you think this fits?

 By: JV_Zag : May 26th, 2023-00:52
Or too big? Hmmm ...  

I love this ref

 By: TeutonicCarFan : May 26th, 2023-01:24
From your picture it looks like it overhangs your wrist in top and bottom. That is when I get to the point of being too big, however, it could be the picture or the angle. Overall just depends how it wears on your wrist to you!

I think it’s too big, but the things we do for love…

 By: vitalsigns : May 26th, 2023-01:26
So if you can happily live with it, then rock on!

I love this watch, first of all, and I only noticed how good it looked.

 By: Moka-Tiger (Ron) : May 26th, 2023-02:22
It never crossed MY mind about its being too big for your wrist. I like big watches anyway, so If you really like this watch, it's a great choice for you.

So if you have to ask it is going to bother you …

 By: jrbar-on : May 26th, 2023-02:28
Regardless as to what anyone here says, if you aren’t comfortable with how it looks/fits then you will probably be unhappy wearing the watch and always self conscious. I’ve had similar issues with watches and for me, I’ve always wound up selling a watch t... 

It's a little big.

 By: patrick_y : May 26th, 2023-06:08
But maybe you'll grow into it! Panerai are too big for me. But I always say, "in the case of a Panerai, it's not the size of your wrist, but the size of your personality."

You’re spot on

 By: JV_Zag : May 27th, 2023-14:27
Maybe I have just weird wrists - much more appropriate in the mirror ...  


 By: dedestexhes : May 27th, 2023-16:22

While conventional wisdom may suggest it's too large due to the overhanging lugs....

 By: Rhyzen : May 26th, 2023-15:36
I say don't be misled by conventional wisdom, because the 1815 looks great on your wrist!

Just magnificent! 👍

 By: KCLQMULKU : May 26th, 2023-17:06

Too big

 By: watch-er : May 27th, 2023-17:09
The lugs overhang your wrist. You can wear it anyway and nobody would care, but you should first try on some watches where the lugs turn down more with less lug-to-lug length for comparison and comfort. Also, when a watch is large it is not protected at a... 

What's your inner dialogue when you look at this (beautiful) watch on your wrist?

 By: CR : May 27th, 2023-20:48
If you say to yourself, "I think this is too big" then don't get it. If you say to yourself, "I love this watch!" then get it. I am very familiar with this question because my wrist circumference is 154mm/6". Most watches "look big" but I don't care. If I... 

YESSSS ! I agree !

 By: girlwrist6 : May 28th, 2023-07:05
If you love it then.... by all means buy it. You GOT to buy what you love. My wrist is not quite 6 inches. and most watches look too big on me but I dont care. It's all about what speaks to you.

I suspect it looks big here because of how you took the photo?

 By: singingbee : May 29th, 2023-05:59
Nonetheless how it looks in wristshots is not as important as how it feels on your wrist and whether you feel it’s too big.