Tank a Guichet

Oct 12, 2010,11:24 AM

I thought I'd share images of a Platinum Tank a Guichet I acquired last year...I have a RG version but this is my favourite of the 2. Roni

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Wow, thats a beauty!

 By: Dino944 : October 12th, 2010-13:23
What a fantastic watch and a real conversation piece! Hope you enjoy wearing it, thats a beauty! Thanks for sharing some photos. Best regards, Dino

Very nice. The Tank a Guichet is one of the closest in look and feel to the original

 By: SJX : October 12th, 2010-21:45
vintage EWC watch. And the red cabouchon on the crown is a subtle detail indicating it's platinum. - SJX

Fantastic version Roni!

 By: Geo : October 17th, 2010-01:09
I really like the white metal with the ruby cabochon. This is indeed one of the nicest versions. GEO

Cool piece, I like it. [nt]

 By: VMM : October 23rd, 2010-01:14
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