Thanks so much, it is indeed a rare beast.

Jan 10, 2021,07:47 AM

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A Pasha de Cartier from about 20 years ago

 By: Geo : October 4th, 2020-03:28
This is a limited edition of 20pc. that was released during the CPCP years ('98-'08) Also the loupe was from 1998 and was a giveaway at the SIHH. There is also a white gold version with a salmon dial, but they are hard to find. George ...  

Perhaps the ultimate Pasha

 By: : October 4th, 2020-03:34
Love the loupe as well - enjoy!

I've never been a big fan of the Pasha...

 By: blau : October 4th, 2020-05:23
but I've got to admit: that is fantastic!

I remember! [nt]

 By: blau : October 5th, 2020-03:31


 By: northerner : October 4th, 2020-10:10
A silly question perhaps, but the subdial at six - does it indicate seconds or minutes?

Not at all, the sub-dial indicates the minutes

 By: Geo : October 4th, 2020-11:15
and the hand with the sun, indicating the hours. GEO

Vintage Cartier... wow. About the only Pasha I l think I've ever taken to... that bezel width still kills me though...

 By: CGJ0 : October 4th, 2020-11:19
As I look at this more the bezel pain fades away. There’s something nautical to me about the colour scheme. Reminds me of those telescopes you find in antique stores.

Missed opportunity

 By: openworked : October 5th, 2020-10:06
I had a chance at one of these about a month ago but could not pull the trigger due to the asking price. This is one of lowest numbered production models Cartier has ever done.

The model is very limited

 By: Geo : November 27th, 2020-06:31
and it was released in pink- and in white gold. The white gold version was stunning as well.

Thank you!

 By: Geo : January 10th, 2021-07:46

Thanks for sharing Geo

 By: singingbee : December 5th, 2020-23:04
This is the ultimate Pasha and is drop dead gorgeous! Hope I will have a chance to one day see this in person!


 By: PalmSprings : January 9th, 2021-02:04
What a stunning watch. This is something makes me go ''wow''. Love it.