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Rolex Box Reference Table

 By: Bill : March 15th, 2008-08:28
Thanks Lobo and Axel. Watch Reference Date Of Purchase Box Ref 1603 xx/1979 10.00.01 1655 Jul-79 06.00.06 1680 May-70 67.00.3 Rolex Argentina 6263 Aug-82 06.00.06 6694 xx/1971 06.00.06 6694 Mar-87 10.00.01 4112 Oct-83 49.00.08 14060M Jul-03 68.00.01 14060... 

Nice. [nt]

 By: Bill : March 19th, 2008-09:23

Watch Reference for all Rolex Models

 By: georetz : February 20th, 2011-08:17
Hi, Bill I looked at your Watch/Box reference list and noticed that all three of my Rolex watch models were not listed (15037, 16753 and 16233). Is there a website that specifically defines what your table defines for all of the Rolex models? If not, how ... 

Rolex Box Pictures are always helpful as a starting point

 By: Bill : February 20th, 2011-11:50
You may want to start a thread here and see what feedback you get. Just snap a few pictures and upload them here in the Rolex forum. Keep me posted. Bill