The SeaQ is no my radar for the next purchase

Aug 05, 2021,22:29 PM

I am really liking the synthetic straps. I believe QO will be selling them in October. Is that correct? I couldn't find any other strap that is the  same quality. Has anyone found any straps that are close to GO's?

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Would be interested in hearing about the synthetic straps as well

 By: countzero : September 13th, 2021-04:10
Including where GO sources them from. Of course might just go with the branded one directly from GO, but there's bound to be a hefty premium for what in the end is likely a relatively simple, if good quality, strap. (The same as with branded crocodile str... 

Well you can see I got the strap

 By: redbox : September 14th, 2021-22:09
I like it. It is very comfortable and sturdy. I think that compared to rubber straps, it isn't as hot. I would definitely buy another one. ...  

Congrats on the watch! (I assume it's new.) Yes, for me it would be a no-brainer to get this strap with a new GO.

 By: countzero : September 16th, 2021-06:30
I'm also a fan of this kind of strap. I was just thinking of getting it for other watches, so don't feel the need to necessarily buy a GO-branded one for that purpose. The quality looks good though, have to try and check at an AD.

I asked to GO about the blue navy synthetic strap for this model

 By: fherradon : September 15th, 2021-07:21
here you go the their answer: You are right, at the moment the blue navy synthetic strap is only available for Glashütte Original watches with an end link width of 20 mm such as the smaller SeaQ. However in October/ November this strap will also become av... 

Thanks for the information.

 By: amanico : September 16th, 2021-06:32