Omega Event Part3 of 3 The things we got to see!

Jul 18, 2007,17:09 PM

Well, more than Omegas, we got to see history..Pateks, jLCs, Langes.

In conclusion, we need to have much more of these events at retail outlets, both new and used.

Especially if the events are held by collectors and not funded by the brands. It has much more credibility when it reflects how popular the brand really is, as a watch. Not as an investment, or a status symbol.

I doubt if we will get some of the popular, or seemingly popular brands, to have collector driven events like this Omega one..on a scale as large as this! Too many of the owners are reluctant to share with "lesser" folk who cannot afford what they wear on their wrists. I get tired of seeing and hearing of the same "enthusiasts" who will only be seen or attend posh dinner affairs, free of charge, but will NEVER be found at these gatherings..NEVER..not ONCE.

I suppose Omega is one of the brands that can bring in more folks who want to participate in a hobby, it is affordable, can be found used at reasonable prices, it has many pieces of relevant educational and historical affordable prices ( so far).

Thanks to Kong! And Heirloom for being generous!

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Looking forward to more knowledge sharing sessions

 By: Russell Cheong : July 18th, 2007-23:07
Thanks to Kong & Shawn for organising this wonderful session and Bernard for being the distinguished speaker. I really look forward to the next session especially some insights on movement designs and how they evolve over the years. Thank you!

Kong and Shawn have done and will continue to do a great job.

 By: bernard cheong : July 20th, 2007-23:39
A lesson in life that I have learnt is to pass on any knowledge, connections, and oppurtunities in hobbies. The reverse if it is business probably. Kong and Shawn are great people who can bring the hobby new growth. They may not be "powerful", then again.... 

Thanks Bernard ...

 By: Kong : July 21st, 2007-22:59

Watch events can't get better than that....

 By: Dje : July 19th, 2007-09:35
Bernard, That was seemingly a wonderful event. That kind of event to meet, see and share around a common passion. Hopefully someday... Cheers Dje