Lemrich & Cie..

Aug 24, 2011,19:23 PM

...it would appear they went out of business in 2007.

Based on their patents, it sould seem they were also involved in the assembly of watches (one of the patents details machinery for setting hands onto movements) but then the tangled web of suppliers in that region....who knows?

Speculation: given that they were doing Rolex dials...they'd know how to apply decent quantities of lume as befitting dive watches.

Are there any photos of the backs of the dials?

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Vintage Dials

 By: Ubik : August 23rd, 2011-08:49
I stumbled across a couple of vintage Blancpain dials for sale, what caught my eye was that they came in the box stamped by the dial maker. A Bathyscape dial. A quick search revealed some scant information on "Kohli & Cie" "Factory dials founded in 1885 b...  

Those are really neat.

 By: grigo : August 23rd, 2011-11:53
They are really beautiful in their own way. Great catch. Best regards, George

nice catch

 By: fifty fathoms : August 24th, 2011-01:58
Hi Ubik, there are several dials in the bay these days, but I did not see the milspec I dials there. Do you hve a contact where to buy one ? I would like to replace mine, hands as well if I could get NOS for reasonable money. best Stephan

Sadly not mine

 By: Ubik : August 24th, 2011-02:13
apologies if I wasn't clear. I did not buy these dials, just came across them for sale. I've never seen the packaging which named the dial makers before and thought it might be of interest to other FF heads and add to the discussion on them. I will be mor... 


 By: Briandumais : August 24th, 2011-05:04
I have seen some of the no rads dial and they look nice. He has had some very nice inventory. Brian

Which is interesting on the Milpsec dial is ...

 By: amanico : August 24th, 2011-08:02
That the dial is Swiss, when the packaging specifies that the index are radium... While Swiss generally goes with Radium. That is the evidence that at this moment, there was no golden rule about the answer to the equation. The 2d information is about the ... 

I knew you would uncover some clues Nico

 By: Ubik : August 24th, 2011-09:38
It's interesting that Lemrich also made dials for the Sub 5512 and 5513. We have a large jigsaw with many missing pieces. Are Blancpain going to do anything with the information they have gathered from the exhibition?

I know that some books are on to be published about the FF.

 By: amanico : August 24th, 2011-22:13
But I don't know if Blancpain will do a book from their side, or if they will collaborate to one or two of these books. In my opinion, and to be clear, it is just a guess, I don't see Blancpain not trying to use all the informations they gathered with the... 

From a dial maker's point of view...

 By: BDLJ : August 24th, 2011-18:58
....would it matter if the movement was an 1361 or 1361N? They probably don't care as the diameter and feet locations are the same, so no need to distinguish. I am curious about the Radium on the Milspec. All I can see on the box is a curled sticker which... 

About the movement, there is probably no special interest for the dialmaker;

 By: amanico : August 24th, 2011-22:05
About the Radium or Tritium indexes on these milspec dials, it is a very interesting debate, which does not only concern Blancpain, but also Rolex and certainly some other brands. We know that the international rules changed in '61 if I remember it correc... 

Now I get it. Thanks. [nt]

 By: BDLJ : August 24th, 2011-23:58
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Great find, Ubik!

 By: blomman Mr Blue : August 24th, 2011-12:50
Interesting to see that the history of other brands (not only JLC) also is somewhat in the dark. Sorry I have no info to share about this… Best Blomman

Lemrich & Cie..

 By: BDLJ : August 24th, 2011-19:23
...it would appear they went out of business in 2007. Based on their patents, it sould seem they were also involved in the assembly of watches (one of the patents details machinery for setting hands onto movements) but then the tangled web of suppliers in... 

Handle with care !

 By: DrStrong : August 28th, 2011-00:54
the radioactive material on these indexes is dangerous.

If it is....

 By: BDLJ : August 28th, 2011-17:32
Tritium, as the boxes show, where is the problem? If you're reeally worried wear a dust mask and wash your hands

nice! [nt]

 By: playtime : September 1st, 2011-16:56
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