Bathyscaphe 5054 in titanium

Jun 18, 2022,11:32 AM

Here’s a quick shot of the Bathyscaphe Quantieme Complet in titanium, introduced yesterday together with a sibling in red gold with blue dial.

I will share more photos soon.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Nice peace

 By: Weems@8 : June 18th, 2022-12:54
Blancpain introduced yesterday. On my list for Divers which look great. Who knows, a future purchase?

Villeret Quantieme Complet 6654-3640 vs Bathyscaphe Quantieme Complet 5054 3640 O52B

 By: rdragon : June 23rd, 2022-17:27
Since you recently handled the blue dial rg bathy.....Are the blue dials on both of these red gold pieces the same or is one darker than the other? I know they are completely different styles, but which did you enjoy more in person?

I really can’t tell whether it’s the same shade of blue…

 By: shortys home : June 23rd, 2022-18:43
… and my personal sentiment is that the Villeret would be my preference, mainly due to the case being polished, which works very well with the sunburst dial. The Bathyscaphe is 3mm larger in diameter and a lot thicker, the large Bathyscaphe crown adds to ...