A wonderful day at AP in Le Brassus

Jul 03, 2010,08:04 AM


Dear all,

this week I have visited AP in Suisse and have enjoyed a wonderful day, I would like to share with you smile

I will try to comment the pics as good as I can, hoping that I got all the information at this day are right. If not please excuse or correct me!

At this place once again many thanks to the AP employees for the invitation as well as for the tour and the very friendly welcome! It was really great!

I will structure this post in three parts.

But now let’s start the show!

We had wonderful weather in the Vallee de Joux.

Here you can see the new production building in which the movements are being made and where the carbon manufacturing is situated.


Part 1: „Manufacture des Forges“

First of all we have visited the „Manufacture des Forges“.


Here you can see the mandrel with the carbon threads.

Here a tiny cutted carbon thread.


These threads are precisely weighed. The filled box will make  up a middle layer piece for the new GP Carbon.

The single threads will then be put in a form...

.. the form will then be heated...

...and afterwards baked.

The result: a bezel for the Grand Prix series.

Here you can see some completed pieces.


to be continued ......


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continued ....

 By: pantherXXL : July 3rd, 2010-08:11
Backside of the Team Alinghi – the first Carbon watch worldwide Middle layer piece of the Alinghi case. Case of the Concept 2 – great watch, but details will follow! A Grand Prix carbon case. A Bumble Bee case. The side parts of a Grand Prix. ...  

Part 2: Movement installation and decoration / specialities and complication

 By: pantherXXL : July 3rd, 2010-09:36
Part 2: Movement installation and decoration / specialities and complication Next we have viewed the area where all the different grindings are done. On the left you can see a raw piece, on the right a finished one. Here you can nicely see how many differ...  

Part 2: continued

 By: pantherXXL : July 3rd, 2010-09:45
Now let’s get to the different complications. Here the pushers are checked and mounted. Here the precision of the movement of the more complicated movements is checked over severall days. Now let’s get to the real premium class – we are talking here of 80...  

Part 2: continued 2 ...

 By: pantherXXL : July 3rd, 2010-11:55
On this wheel finished watches are to be seen which are just put to an acid test. One of them we are allowed to view. Each customer of this watch will receive a somehow small piano which acts as a resonance room to enjoy more intensely the minute/hour rep...  

Nice tour!

 By: patrick_y : July 3rd, 2010-14:27
First of all, great post. Thank you for sharing your love and passion for watches! I feel very lucky to be able to see your photographs! A very impressive tour of the Audemars Piguet factory! Thanks for sharing your numerous photographs. I wonder what the... 

Part 3: The old main building

 By: pantherXXL : July 3rd, 2010-23:36
Part 3: The old main building From this place I was not allowed to take so many pictures, but some impressions I can give to you ... and here my absolute favourite watch, it just put me down to the floor. You need to see this watch live, pictures cannot t...  

thanks ...

 By: pantherXXL : July 3rd, 2010-23:38
thanks for your response yes i visit the ap museum but i don´t shoot photos ;(

Great post, Panther!

 By: Davo : July 4th, 2010-00:55
Thanks so much for the tour!

Very nice report

 By: efftee : July 4th, 2010-03:02
Thank you very much.

I enjoyed your reports from AP very much!

 By: dxboon : July 4th, 2010-22:06
Thank you for sharing the experience with us! I'd like to take the tour someday. Every time someone reports back on tours like this it gives me a greater appreciation of the watches we so love! Thanks again! Cheers, Daos

Thank you, Panther!

 By: AlexSunrise : July 5th, 2010-14:55
Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience, Panther! Amazing all the work that goes into crafting parts from carbon fiber! AP is truly a pioneer in many ways. Best regards, Alex

Thanks so much for the report

 By: gazoz : July 5th, 2010-16:46
wish i had the pleasure of going and seeing it thnaks again the pics tell alot though serious watches from a Giant of the industry

Awesome Post...

 By: hetins : July 6th, 2010-01:32
What an amazing post panther..beautiful pictures.

Fantastic posts. Many thanks for sharing.

 By: VMM : July 6th, 2010-02:45
Glad to see they let you take pics of almost everything. They didn't to me. Maybe I looked a bit shady, he he Very interesting report. It's been nice to see the carbon process, very nice. Thanks. That "wood" case looks amazing, love it. Would love to see ... 

Thanks for the photo-tour! [nt]

 By: Kong : July 6th, 2010-05:53
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Thanks for the in-depth report! [nt]

 By: aaronm : July 6th, 2010-07:06
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Thanks for the report,

 By: papillonwatchman : July 6th, 2010-07:45
nice picture's, brings back good memories Best, Michel

Awesome tour and report, Panther!

 By: respo : July 12th, 2010-08:44
Thanks for posting this. It truly is amazing to see how much work goes into producing these small miracles. What a great opportunity to visit the manufacture. respo


 By: BABKA : July 6th, 2010-23:20
It's amazing how much work goes into these little works of art. Thanks for the wonderful report!

Visit to AP in Le Brassus

 By: ED209 : July 3rd, 2010-18:21
Fantastic report pantherXXL. And great to see AP continuing the research with forged carbon and experimenting with different binders and particles mixed in. Did you have a chance to visit the AP museum during your visit? Regards, ED-209

Thanks for sharing...

 By: Goh : July 5th, 2010-16:44
these photos and comments of your wonderful tour. Goh

Amazing report - Thankk you!!! [nt]

 By: markkeenan : July 5th, 2010-20:07
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Amazing report, THANKS SOOOO MUCH! Enjoyed it!! [nt]

 By: Ancienne Le Brassus : July 5th, 2010-21:53
No message body

Awesome post! Thanks for sharing! nt

 By: AllThingsWatches : July 6th, 2010-20:21