Loupes are essential for PuristS, aren´t they?

Oct 14, 2013,11:58 AM

Well, essential they are mainly for watchmakers – only. We all know how their tools look like and a lot of us got one like this from one of the watch companies, or simply bought one. AD´s have them as well on hand for their customers, to examine the piece of desire - or at least they should.

Nonetheless whenever I attended a GTG or any kind of watch lovers meeting, there have been several different versions on hand and none was close to be perfect – lots of pros and cons.

Examples :

In January 2011 I attended a collector’s dinner hosted by a new independent brand. There have been mainly familiar faces to me and of course there have been some magnifiers on the table. One gentleman surprised me with something like a lens, something that looked really cool. In fact it was a (former) lens from Nikon which he had converted in to a magnifier. Not only it looked good, it was amazing to look through and to see the difference. The view was much wider than with a watchmaker’s loupe, but with the same kind of magnification.

Even better, I could place an order because the gentleman wanted to produce a small number of additional pieces. Of course I had to wait, at least until Basel and until his son did drink enough milk for the blue caps needed … but that´s another story smile

As promised I got mine in Basel, but one year later. Well, I was in good company. Most of the independent watchmakers (those we talk about these days) and several fellow collectors got theirs as well, delivered in Basel 2012.

It was not a bargain compared to what we are used to pay for regular loupes, but it was great for what it was and a huge improvement to everything I used before.

It was big and heavy, but who cares as long as it is the best you can get. So at the end we can call it solid.

The first batch was a great success and the demand for more was high. In fact it turned out to be a good idea, even for a start-up. The new product had to be even better and without any dependencies of finding lenses from the past on eBay or somewhere else – not to mention the difficulties to get the blue caps smile

Lots of research had to be done and to finance the project some serious commitment was needed.

In January 2013 I finally saw the new product, almost finished. What shall I say; the new one is even better. Yes it is, because it is smaller, the view seems brighter, safer (for the watches; lots of rubber all around) and less heavy – not to speak about the future options in the pipeline.

I was told to place my order online (for convenience) and to be honest; I almost forgot to do so. It was a busy time and whenever I needed a loupe I still had the first one on hand.

A few months later I finally placed my order and I decided to go for the simplest one, because it does the job and that´s all I want – in that case.

While waiting for my loupe I got a letter from the custom office. They wrote me that I have to pick up my parcel at their place. I hate to go there, because it costs always at least three hours before you get your parcel. After a long wait I was shown my parcel.

It looked quite big:

The custom officer asked me detailed questions about the content. I told him it´s a loupe. He was very skeptic, to say the least. He told me this must be a huge and very special one.

We started to open it, together.

Two boxes inside …

“This doesn´t look like a loupe, does it?!”

The next one didn´t look like a loupe either. ATTENTION! What does it mean?

The officer was quite sure that this is not a loupe … not at all.

Loupe System is written everywhere, but still no loupe. Lots of packages, boxes and accessories. I told him this is a tool for “watch nuts”. It is for passionate people who care about any tiny detail of a watch and I was able to show him a loupe, finally.

For sure he still thought I am crazy to spend such an amount of money on something like this, but he could only charge tax for a loupe. Nothing more, nothing less.

Back home I had to compare the old and the new one (see above).

Only one fits into the travel case …

… and of course it is the new one. Perfect!

For those travelling with up to four watches …

… it is nice to have one more option. Not sure if I will ever use the travel case (even when it seems super safe) for watches, but still it is nice. Boys and their toys, you know smile

As mentioned above the first one was very good, but the latest one is even better – especially when you don´t use it only at one place.

If you are in the market for an appropriate loupe for our hobby, this is the best I know. I guess I am not alone, because watchmakers, collectors, AD´s and even bigger brands placed their orders.

Passionate people can create outstanding products, once they are unhappy with the existing ones. Even when it only started as a hobby, it seems to be a success story. Congrats!



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Great post on a different topic :-)

 By: hans_jorgen_1968 : October 14th, 2013-13:17

Thanks! [nt]

 By: small-luxury-world : October 15th, 2013-12:21

The loop. Great report on an essential tool.

 By: Bill : October 14th, 2013-13:42
Never far from my side. A great way to enjoy the details. Thnaks Bill

"Never far from my side."

 By: small-luxury-world : October 15th, 2013-12:22
I like :-) Oliver

Great post Oliver....

 By: Andy : October 14th, 2013-13:46
Having seen your one in the flesh it is tempting..! Yours my friend, Andy.

Andy, but it doesn´t work ...

 By: small-luxury-world : October 15th, 2013-12:23
with your Canon - at least not now :-) Thanks, my friend! Oliver


 By: Loupe System : October 16th, 2013-04:27
...if you look at the photos below, you will see that a simple iPhone works quite well!!! ;-)

I wonder...

 By: Andy : October 16th, 2013-04:30
how well my macro Canon lense will do with this loupe too..!! You's be able to see the frilly nickers on your watch :) Andy.

Wow, the second one is even better?

 By: KIH : October 14th, 2013-17:32
I have to go get it! The watch case is a bonus! The first one is amazingly good, thanks to your advice - thanks, my friend! Ken

Hi Ken..

 By: SALMANQ8 : October 15th, 2013-08:35
Please do wait, they're working on a Prototype, should be out next year, I'm waiting for it myself: S Pic Credit: Loupe System ...  

Illuminator will be an add-on

 By: Loupe System : October 15th, 2013-09:02
Hello everyone. Just to clarify on the previous message, the illuminator, once it becomes available, will be an add-on which will work with all our loupes. In fact, it will only consist of a replacement middle element with the illumination, rechargeable b... 

Yes, in the details ...

 By: small-luxury-world : October 15th, 2013-12:11
it is. Sorry my friend, you will have to order one more. I guess first series is highly collectible or sells strong ... :-) Cordially, Oliver

It's all your fault!

 By: KIH : October 15th, 2013-19:15
I just ordered one online..... But exciting to wait and see! Ken

You will not be dissapointed, ken.

 By: AndrewD : October 16th, 2013-12:49
Let us know whow you find it. Andrew

Less talked about

 By: flamenco : October 14th, 2013-17:50
But ... No less important ! One of the best post in recent memory ! Brilliant idea of capitalizing on Nikon's superb optics ! The Pelican case adds a touch of real professional elegance to the package. Thank you for the excellent write up.

PM, sent.

 By: small-luxury-world : October 15th, 2013-14:50

Nice loupes

 By: ED209 : October 14th, 2013-18:13
Interesting and very informative post. The only loupe I have is the one from Montblanc called liteloupe that I got during IGOTT2. Regards, ED-209


 By: AndrewD : October 15th, 2013-04:39
Great the evolution, Oliver and good to hear your comments on the 'prototype' and the new production version. I like the wide and flat field of view, largely free of chromatic aberration. I look forward to the illumination option because the larger loupe ...  

Macro photo through iPhone mount

 By: Loupe System : October 15th, 2013-09:20
Hi Andrew. I thought you might enjoy this quick picture I just took with an iPhone 5S and our prototype iPhone mount for the loupe (sorry about the dust on the watch)... you can get really easy macro shots with it! :-) (Photo was only resized in Photoshop...  

...and a 100% crop

 By: Loupe System : October 15th, 2013-10:06
...and a 100%, real-pixel crop of the same photo, with no reduction or anything else done to it. I will never cease to be amazed by what Isabelle Villa was able to paint!!! ...  

Superb ...

 By: small-luxury-world : October 15th, 2013-12:08
may I ask for some "clothes" from Agent Provocateur, next time :-) Cheers, Oliver


 By: Loupe System : October 15th, 2013-13:26
Hey, if I could have ordered them naked, I would have! ;-) Seriously, though, I am amazed that she was even able to put a lace-like effect on the edges of the underwear...


 By: small-luxury-world : October 15th, 2013-13:36

Hey Loupe System....

 By: Andy : October 16th, 2013-04:28
I am very interested in one of these loupes - after seeing Oliver's in London a few weeks ago..!! I assume I can just order from your website with delivery to the UK..?? Are there any technical differences with the current version being supplied from the ... 

Of course

 By: Loupe System : October 16th, 2013-04:59
Hi Andy. Of course you can order straight from the website, and we will deliver to the UK without any problems. We have already done so dozens of times. In terms of the optics, the original, hand-made loupes were built (on my kitchen table ;-)) by adaptin... 

Thank you for your reply....

 By: Andy : October 16th, 2013-08:22
It is very much appreciated. I'm afraid I will not be at Salon QP but I hope you have a great time there. Maybe we will meet another time. I am lucky to have seen Oliver's loupe so I do know what it is like and hopefully I'll get to see it again soon :) A... 

No plans for 10x

 By: Loupe System : October 16th, 2013-09:16
No plans for a 10x loupe at ths stage.

That's good...

 By: Andy : October 16th, 2013-09:25
this means the loupe available now is the only one :) Speak soon, Andy.

For me it doesn't replace a 10x loupe ...

 By: AndrewD : October 16th, 2013-13:00
I carry both the 6x LoupeSystem and a 10x Leitz. The 6x for an overview and the 10x for the finer details. Andrew

Oliver you POISON

 By: Iceman : October 16th, 2013-07:14
I just ordered mine. :-))))). Cant wait to playbwith it. Best Iceman

For comparison ...

 By: AndrewD : October 16th, 2013-12:56
Here is a similar image taken with the Leica DLux-4 in natural light. About as close in as I could get. It will be interesting to see how the illumination will add to the LoupeSystem iPhone images as well. Andrew ...  


 By: SALMANQ8 : October 15th, 2013-08:37
and excellent write up on the Loupe System, I'm a huge fan of what they're doing. Just waiting for their next model. S

Thank you!

 By: Loupe System : October 15th, 2013-09:04
Dear Oliver, thank you very much for your kind words and your excellent review! I am very glad to hear that you like the new incarnation of our loupe... :-)

Strongly recommended !!

 By: amerix : October 29th, 2013-04:10
I received my Loupe System Model 01 yesterday as a birthday present from a Very special watchmaking friend. Even under dim lighting it has increased my enjoyment a whole lot more than 6x! Thanks to him and AlbertoS !! amerix