TAG Heuer Celebrates Formula One Night Race with another Singapore Exclusive

Aug 13, 2009,22:53 PM

For press release for the 2009 TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 Day Date
Chronograph (Singapore Limited Edition), please click here.

To celebrate the second consecutive year of Formula One Night Race in Singapore, TAG Heuer issues
a new 250 pieces of Carrera Calibre 16 Day Date Chronograph (Singapore Limited Edition).

Consistent with last year colour theme,
the 2009 edition is with the 'Black and British Racing Green'.

Enclosed are some prototype pictures for your viewing...



43 mm TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 Day Date Chronograph (2009 Singapore Limited Edition of 250pcs)

Last year edition, the 42.5mm Calibre 8 RS Grande-Date GMT (2008 Singapore Limited Edition of 150pcs)
were sold out in 9 days after launched.

For details and pictures of the 2008 edition , please click here.

Understand that the less lustrous economic climate was considered during the planning stage,
thus this year Edition will be more affordable than the last year piece but
still relevant to the racing theme. 
Quantity is increased by 100 pieces to 250 pieces.
Heard the stock will be arriving in the Boutiques and authorised retailers by first week of September.

The 43mm polished steel case with aluminium bezel and double-antireflective curved sapphire crystal
 has a 100m water resistance rating.

The colour green is subtlely placed on a chronograph-pusher, the stitching on the straps, a word on the bezel, the
chronograph minute and hour, and the more prominent chronograph sweep second-hand.

A point to note, the from the released specifications, the bezel is supposedly to be
finely-brushed as seen from the picture below (cropped from the high-resolution pic from TAG Heuer).

As in my pictures, I think the brushed bezel was not installed.

The checkered dial is a decorated carbon fibre-effect which is likely to be guilloche and accurately printed over with
two shades of inks.

Monochrome TAG Heuer logo and minute-markers were hand-applied.

Shiny edge of the numerals ...

The hand applied numerals are coated with SuperLuminova!

With lights off ... the dial looks like a speedometer. 

Wonder would it be great, if the sides of the sweeping chronograph second hand is coated (instead of the top)??

Lights on !

The green-band pusher and 'tachymeter' print ...

Rehaut ring ...

Oversized crown with black matt varnished face and black line

Side view

 See-through Caseback with sapphire

Croc leather strap with green stitching, steel folding clasp with safety push button

A Few Wrist Shots

Thanks Winnie and Alvin for the time.

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 By: kevster : August 15th, 2009-06:58
Thanks for posting. I like it even better then last years. I like TAG and aside from the iconic Carrera CAL 360, this watch is the next best thing since TAG in a while. Green looks very clean on this years LE.

Kevster, thanks for the comment ...

 By: Kong : August 15th, 2009-08:35
you read my mind, I forgot to ask which the all of you prefer! I'm looking forward to the Monaco 24 Kong

Thanks for the marvellous pictures!

 By: anaesdoc : August 15th, 2009-07:18
Hi Kong, your photo series really makes the Tag Heuer Carrera Day Date Chronograph (2009 Singapore LE) very desirable for me! I regard is a compliment when saying it bears a strong resemblance with the Omega Speedmaster, one of the icon chronographs IMO. ... 

Thanks Anaesdoc for the comments...the application of ...

 By: Kong : August 15th, 2009-11:01
the Superluminova on the numerals ...I guessed are not easy. Note the the numeral '35', the application has to be in a certain thickness and not smeared over the edge. Kong...  

Thanks Kong, great report. I am usually not a big fan of green on

 By: timerider : August 15th, 2009-10:25
watches but Tag has really done a thoughtful and very tasteful variation on a theme with this model while making it exciting. Really a great looking racing watch! Best, Tim

sweet green but

 By: iceheller : August 16th, 2009-01:16
Nice watch but it written caliber 15 or something on the watch rotor. It looks to me that it is a ETA V7750 movement with changes made only to the rotor(i maybe wrong). So is it a Tag "in-house" movement and if not, what changes is done to it from the ori... 

Great! Thanks for sharing.

 By: VMM : August 25th, 2009-02:26
Love the green touch. Vte

COOL MAN- I think this is the BEST EVER TAG HEUER

 By: ak28 : October 19th, 2009-03:10
Very handsome watch indeed. It will be even better if it is in steel strap. What do you think?

best looks

 By: ak28 : October 19th, 2009-03:15
I wonder how much would it be? Anyone knows? Just to add, it is the best looking tag heuer as it is rare to have White numerals under black for tag. Interesting and naturally a winner- for being such a contrasting colours. Moreover, it gives a secretive l... 

Personally prefer the leather straps with the green...

 By: Kong : October 19th, 2009-06:57
stiching. Have you seen it ? Kong

one way or another... we are poisoned.

 By: ak28 : October 19th, 2009-22:24
one way or another... we are poisoned. LOL

In case you are considering ...

 By: Kong : October 20th, 2009-22:50
Hi AK28 In case you are considering, ask if they can provide you with the bracelet option as most guys would prefer due to the warm and humid weather here. Typically, a new watch bought together with a bracelet will cost a lot less than purchasing only th... 

Thanks... will consider

 By: ak28 : October 21st, 2009-22:51
Thanks for the enlightenment.

just checked...

 By: ak28 : October 23rd, 2009-07:03
There is no such option to have it in steel strap... wasted. Some even say that rubber strap will be better than steel. I wonder which is best? Leather, rubber or steel? Any comments?

Hmm ...

 By: Kong : October 23rd, 2009-12:27
Leather matches the watch perfectly. However, depends on individual and type of work/activities, in this humid & warm climate, most prefer either rubber or metal bracelet. Rubber is more comfortable to me, however there are some still like the heft and th... 

Anyone out there who bought this knows if this limited Carrera comes with a special box?

 By: ak28 : November 1st, 2009-22:09
A side-issue, for this limited edition Carrera, any special box given or is it still the traditional black version? The reason for this question is because I notice for the no. 1 piece (the one for the auction) has a special box. click here click here Any...  

The No.1 piece should be ...

 By: Kong : November 1st, 2009-22:20
unique, as it was for charity auction. As this watch is specially commissioned for Singapore, feel free to check with the boutiques ( and they are located nearby to each other), faster to get your answer this way Sorry - answering without owning this piec... 

So anyone knows how much did it fetch?

 By: ak28 : November 3rd, 2009-18:30
The No. 1 piece of this special watch autographed by Lewis Hamilton which to be auctioned off at the Make-A-Wish Foundation charity auction ball on 24th September 2009. So anyone knows how much did the no. 1 piece fetch at the Charity auction ball? Just c... 

Answer to your question ...

 By: Kong : November 3rd, 2009-23:52
The final auction price is SGD32K. Kong

whoa... that's a steal for this auction piece

 By: ak28 : November 4th, 2009-19:43
whoa... that's a steal for this auction piece.... a more reasonable bid will be $50k or more for this watch. Thank you for the info

Not sure how you reached the number ...

 By: Kong : November 4th, 2009-19:53
considering the base price of the watch versus last year, and with the not-so-positive economical climate, I expect the auction price at most equal to last year, if not below.

The breakdown of the logic....

 By: ak28 : November 5th, 2009-21:46
I understand your point about the economy climax and all but the number was based on the following logic: Premise 1: The first Grand Carrera auction piece was sold for $45k. Premise 2: This second f1 limited edition Tag Heuer is a more handsome watch than...