A quick view on the Longines Diver Vintage

Jul 18, 2008,03:55 AM

At the Beginning of the 60ies, or at the end of the 50ies, some manufactures released very nice Diving Watches, like Vulcain with its Nautical, JLC with the Deep Sea Alarm, Enicar with the Super Divette, the Sherpa, etc, with this specificity that there were 2 crowns watches, with an inside bezel.

Of course, I'm not saying that the diving watches appeared only in the beginning of the Sixties, as Panerai launched in 1936 the Cali, and some famous brands were competiting on this thema since 1953, like Blancpain, and Rolex, but these watches only came with one crown, not two, and an external bezel ( with the exception of the Cali which didn't have bezel)...

So, in 1960, among all these watches, came the Longines Diver...

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The case is oversized, for this era, as it's 42mm big, and quite thick, due to the  domed plexy.

The balance is perfect, a blend of power, elegance and functionnality...

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On these 2 last pics you can see the "air de famille" with some other 2 crowns Diving watches, not only because of these 2 crowns, but also because of the philosophy of the watches...Like the shpae of the case and of the plexy, for example.

Did you notive the grid work design of the top of the crowns, like some other famous Diving watches???

Even the case back has something of " déjà vu" on another watch I will make a review...The JLC Deep Sea Alarm...which has a Diver engraved...

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Nice, isn't it?

The Caliber is a reliable one, accurate, the Longines Automatic 290, whoth 24 jewels, and a Power Reserve of + / - 48 hours.( Pic Taken from the previous owner..Thanks, Andrea! )

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The main particularity of this watch is its dial, which became brown with the time, and which gives it a very nice allure, and strengh...

The watch is very legible, with the 2 specific luminous hands, and this quite mandatory 3/6/9/12 index hours...

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As the particularity of this Longines is its dial, let's have a closer look on it...

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The patina is just unbelievable!

A laquered dial which turned to an amazing nice and complex brown caramel color...A true Masterpiece!

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Under certain angles, you quite have the impression that the dial is wooden made!

Absolutely fascinating!

Longines released the last year a re edition of this model, which is a very good thing, as the re interpretation of this watch is respectful, and well done....

But when you compare the old and the new Diver, there is immediately one thing which jumps to the eyes...The re edition is very clean, maybe too clean, compared to this old lady...

The soul is maybe missing a bit...

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Putting it on the wrist is a pure pleasure, my friends:

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Defintely a great watch to own in a Diving Thema collection....

Best to All!

Nicolas, very happy!
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Your both happy and Lucky

 By: Bill : July 18th, 2008-09:39
Hi Nicolas Thanks you for putting this awesome review together so quickly. Bill

My pleasure, Bill!

 By: amanico : July 18th, 2008-10:22
Thanks for the nice words, my friend... Speaking of a so nice watch is only pleasure, not work... Best. Nicolas

Nicholas, i never took you for a vintage man, but this must be 3rd or 4th

 By: G99 : July 18th, 2008-11:21
in as many weeks. if your going the vintage route then i think some of your others like the JLC skeleton MR should come my way i sold all my vintage pieces, but my last 5 or 6 purchases have been 60-70's era. i dont know whats going on as i'm missing some... 

Let's be clear, Graham

 By: amanico : July 18th, 2008-11:53
I'm not a Vintage Man, I'm a Man who loves Vintage Watches...LOLOL A few years ago, I made a short trip on Vintage Rolex Watches, and don't forget that I'm a sucker for patined dials... With Vintage, it's a bit a Love / Hate relation, very passionate... I... 

our stories will only end with our demise me thinks.

 By: G99 : July 18th, 2008-14:28
i think and hope our stories will continue until we are no longer able to function properly i did of course mean that your collection was centering on vintage watches. if you are a vintage man then i must be too my 64 friend and i refuse to be a vintage p... 

NIce :-)

 By: monochrome : July 18th, 2008-11:25
Thanx Amanico for this equisit review of the old Legend Diver. In the Netherlands we are still waiting for it to be released, although it was shown on the Basel fair of last year. I think you have a wonderful watch with this classic beauty and like you sa... 

What is 'sapphire domed plexi'

 By: Kurt Behm : July 18th, 2008-13:29
Thanks Kurt

It's a bad Typo! LOL

 By: amanico : July 18th, 2008-13:43
Thanks to letting me know! Best. Nicolas

Thanks :@)))

 By: Kurt Behm : July 18th, 2008-19:35

Lovely piece Nicolas,

 By: Tim Jackson : July 18th, 2008-15:07
Am I correct in thinking the dial was originally black when released? I suspect this to be true, but wanted to check with you. Cheers, Tim

Correct, Tim

 By: amanico : July 18th, 2008-23:27

Awesome post!

 By: Peter  : July 18th, 2008-19:09
Thks for sharing

Thanks, Peter! [nt]

 By: amanico : July 18th, 2008-23:28

I dropped the idea of acquiring the Longines Legend Diver

 By: samwan : July 18th, 2008-20:14
after reading about and seeing your piece What a lucky guy you are! Sam

You shouldn't, Sam

 By: amanico : July 18th, 2008-23:30

How beautiful !

 By: DrStrong : July 18th, 2008-23:44
this one is on my wishlist for years, I almost bought one a month ago.... Someday I will ! Cheers Jeff