RO chrono vs Daytona vs other?

Jan 17, 2024,09:14 AM

Good evening,

It’s been a while since I’ve really posted anything, but this hobby will take a break for me every now and then. Not to mention we have a new little one that is just over a month old.

Thinking about adding a new watch to the collection. Looking for comments on choices or other ones I haven’t thought about. Leaning heavily towards a panda chrono. I just love the way chronographs look, even if I don’t use them as intended very often.

Feel like the leading contenders are:

126509 / 116509 Daytona (silver dial with black registers / “ghost” or possibly the light Arabic racing dial )

26300 royal oak chrono (silver with black subdials and red counters)

Thought about the VC overseas panda, but already have a 2nd generation black dial that I’m not planning on getting rid of. My other watches include:

16800 with matte dial

PP 5960p (grey dial)

VC overseas black dialed chrono

UN 1533-150 (blue dialed marine chronograph with annual calendar)

Chopard pro one (white dial, bracelet)

GP 1945

Seiko GMT

Both the Chopard and GP should probably be on their way out as I never wear them.

At this point feel like the Rolex ghost is probably my first choice, but here are some pros and cons I could come up with for each:

Rolex: + ease and cost of service, reliability and robustness of movement. Weight of gold.  - Recognizability, wait list. 

AP: + level of finishing. Have basically the same movement in VC chrono and it’s been great.  Bracelet is supposedly wonderful. Completes “trinity” collection. - availability /cost of service. 

Any other watches to look at would be appreciated. Or other things I wasn’t thinking about. 

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From a performance standpoint

 By: myles721 : January 17th, 2024-13:46
the Omega 9900 chrono movement is unbeatable. Perhaps take a look at the models it powers.


 By: 02acs : January 18th, 2024-00:32
Seemed too large. Really don’t want to get any larger than 42 and ideally right around the 40 mark


 By: pmh6000 : January 17th, 2024-13:56
Why not go for one you can actually get say an Zenith el primero sports Chrono.

Streamliner Chrono

 By: ChetBaker : January 17th, 2024-14:15

 By: @wewannaporsche : January 17th, 2024-17:35
I don’t think you can go wrong with any of your choices. They all look like “power” watches that you can flex with (Daytona, Royal Oak, Overseas). I would personally also look at the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Chronographe in red gold. Ref. 5086FA 3630 63B, ... 

Good thoughts

 By: 02acs : January 18th, 2024-00:31
Good thought about the BP. Previously owned one of their fly backs (Monaco limited edition) that I loved. Owned it at a time when it was one of two watches and something else at that time caused me to need to sell it. However, while I wish I could love / ... 

The Daytona calls for you

 By: MilDiver : January 17th, 2024-19:43
Beside the fact that you're already leaning towards the Daytona, The Panda Daytona is an icon, more then the AP which is an hyped brand but the 26300 is just another watch from the brand...the Daytona is a better watch than the AP. Both are hyped but the ... 

Ceramic bezel

 By: 02acs : January 18th, 2024-00:35
In an ideal world, I’d have the ceramic bezel on that white gold but the oyster bracelet as opposed to the rubber strap.