Laurent Ferrier the Micro Rotor and an impromptu visit

Jun 14, 2012,05:34 AM

I recently stopped by the Laurent Ferrier ateliers in Geneva for a vist for someting special...but more of this later smile

I had the opportunity to see them working on the final assembly of new Micro Rotor model with a double direct impulse which were being cased and ready to ship out.

There are currently 6 watchmakers working at Ferrier each responsible of the finish of components, complete assembly, casing and testing of the timepiece he/she is working on (close to 4 weeks per watch is requested for the Micro Rotor)

On the way to the upper floors where the workshops are located a small area with some of the awards won by the brand.

The team working on the Micro-Rotors


polishing of the angles

the assembled movement without the escapement. Love the original shape of the escapement bridge on the lower left hand side

The rotor is help by a gorgeously finished bridge, notice the pawl a top the rotor, this system supposedly maximizes the winding efficiency (which is an issue with micro rotors)

The 72 hour power reserve is obtained via one barrel

I'm a sucker for fine finish and the Micro Rotor finish is a sight for sore eyes!

perlage on the main plate

the balance bridge

the rotor holder

rotor ratchet

Silicon escapment

The escapement (which is a double impulse direct escapement) is really delicate and is assembled under a microscope. This is one of the more painstaking tasks as it requires great dexterity and may require the watchmaker to disassemble and reassemble to get the tolerances right.

Interestingly the brand needed to modify its Witchi timing machines whcih could not interpret the double impulses from the escapement!

The piece made for Only Watch ready to be delivered

White gold and slate grey dial

rose gold with slate grey dial

white gold with silver dial

white gold with black dial

one of each please!

Laurent Ferrier and his team

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 By: andrewluff : June 14th, 2012-06:27
Thanks for sharing Alex, cool pictures and really show off the attention to detail on their pieces. I am a bit surprised that the only watch has not been delivered yet... that was last September?! Cheers Andrew PS. Looking forward to hearing about the vis... 

they improved the escapement around the time of auction so waited to

 By: alex : June 14th, 2012-07:31
fit the new escapement before delivering

It seems incredible on pics

 By: Mark in Paris : June 14th, 2012-07:52
and I was really looking forward to seeing more "in the metal" pics instead of adds. When we know how it shows much better in real, I can imagine what it must be from your pictures. Thanks for the share Alex ;) Best, Mark


 By: KIH : June 14th, 2012-09:13
I myself would love to make a factory visit, too! Looking forward to the final ones in the metal! Thanks for sharing, Alex! Ken

Thank you Alex....

 By: Sandgroper : June 14th, 2012-17:43
Beautiful mouvement by design and the finish WOW! admirable. When I see these little ateliers, old memories come rushing with nostalgia. Kind regard Francois

Alex, is not appropriate..

 By: Sandgroper : June 15th, 2012-05:41
To put it here, however I would like to thank Vacheron Constantin and you for the nice token. Merci A+. Francois

Level of craftsmanship?

 By: Ken Lo : June 14th, 2012-19:52
Alex, I would appreciate to hear your opinion on how you would compare the craftsmanship of the Laurent Ferrier movement to say those of Philippe Dufour or Kari Voutilainen. I understand LF should at least be a notch above top mass watchmakers such as Pat... 

difficult to compare but in terms of finish amongst the Simplicity, Observatoire and

 By: alex : June 15th, 2012-01:05
the Micro Rotor I would say that the LF is above the Observatoire but not quite to the level of the Dufour but that's just because there are fewer interior angles. However I love the overall construction of the micro rotor movement and technically it is q... 

Thanks Alex for your valuable opinion.

 By: Ken Lo : June 15th, 2012-01:53
While there are hundreds of independents, only few would demonstrate great potential. In my eyes LF is one of them, with clever and innovative movement coupled with beautiful finish. Can't wait to check out the real Mirco Rotor in person!

thanks Hans [nt]

 By: alex : June 15th, 2012-01:06

Alex, which one in the tray is yours?

 By: ling5hk : June 15th, 2012-03:26
I am really attracted by LF's craftmanship. Congratulations. Regards Ling

I wish all of them were mine but unfortunately

 By: alex : June 15th, 2012-04:31
none on that tray is mine....yet :-)

After seeing that

 By: BluNotte : June 15th, 2012-08:32
Indeed a sore eye i have! But i would like them to remove the Rotor please! No matter how micro it is it is always a pain for me! Danke! Stephen

you can have it without the micro rotor but

 By: alex : June 18th, 2012-00:18
then it comes with a tourbillon :-)

Thanks Alex for your lovely report :)

 By: Topcat30093 : June 17th, 2012-01:36
I always enjoy reading these kind of reports and marvel at the photographs. Hopefully you shall not have to wait much longer for your piece to arrive. And again I can than enjoy further photos and views :) The mini rotor looks superb and beautifully decor... 

thank you

 By: alex : June 18th, 2012-04:33

Thanks for sharing Alex

 By: cisco : June 18th, 2012-10:49
A really marvellous watch and caliber. Francois

Great report! and a comparison

 By: remi24 : June 18th, 2012-11:12
Knowing that the price is pretty much in the same range as the VC Chronometre Royal 1907 in RG - how do you compare those two fantastic watches? -remi

Hi remi not sure you can really compare the two, the VC cal 2460

 By: alex : June 19th, 2012-00:43
is a traditional anchor escapement with full rotor and Geneva Seal made in maybe 1000 pieces per year and the LF is a micro rotor with a silicium escapement made in maybe 100 pieces per year and without Geneva Seal. If you really want to compare the two t... 

Thank you Alex

 By: remi24 : June 26th, 2012-22:07
for your reply. I definitely need to take some time in Geneva to feel both in the steel on the wrist, as despite their differences, I am equally attracted by both models... -remi

Wow,thank you Alex for the pics

 By: moc : June 18th, 2012-15:28
and report....the micro rotor is so tempting! And I thought I didnt like autos.....this one is a superb watch,food for thoughts.... Mo

Thanks Mo [nt]

 By: alex : June 19th, 2012-00:44

Thank you Alex

 By: Dje : June 25th, 2012-06:17
Hi Alex, Thank you for your subject. I've been quite impressed by them too and am happy to see them deliver now the first watches. Laurent Ferrier watches are real gems, so far from the excessive empty marketing watches issued by so many brands today. Her... 

So Ferrier is the new darling, ay Alex?

 By: Mostel : August 9th, 2012-15:29
Isn't is fascinating... Dufour, then Voutilainen, now Ferrier--'instant' darlings. I think it is funny how so many great Independents are out there... Yet it seems that if you make a traditional, very conservative, very classical watch, at a VERY high lev... 

It is an excellent time keeper

 By: cosincourt : August 25th, 2012-00:16
I have the micro rotor....WG with silver dial. A low key watch which sits v well on my wrist and keeps excellent time. Having owned some independents like fp journe I must say I particularly like this watch