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Gerber PuristS 10th watch

 By: MTF : May 9th, 2011-12:12
Previously the ten PuristS 10th anniversary watch editions were announced in two parts. Part 1: Part 2: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 10 May 2011 PuristS and Paul Gerber announce the Gerber PuristS 10th Model 42 Watch T...  

this is Gorgeous

 By: Tony A.H : May 9th, 2011-14:23
the Dial gives you a sense of an Art Deco Style. i know i'm gonna be Flamed for saying this . but wish it was Bigger in Diameter.!! thanks for the Info. Tony

Bigger?? Razzz Brruurrrup Flame! Surely you jest?!

 By: cazalea : May 9th, 2011-21:39
(Tony, did that suffice?)