Part 3: Watches

May 14, 2010,07:22 AM

Most of the models from MB&F were on show, if not on display then on one of the many wrists with an MB&F machine. The number of MB&F watches in the room was extraordinary, as is the case every year.

First, the HM3 Frogs. The black with green rotor is way cooler than the white gold and blue.



The HM2 Sapphire Vision

The original HM3

The HM2

And the one that started it all, the HM1

A remarkable thing about the appeal of MB&F is that is encompasses both genders. Here are just two of the many female MB&F wearers that night.

And here are four more.


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MB&F launches the HM3 Frog in Singapore

 By: SJX : May 14th, 2010-06:40
Two weeks ago Max Busser was in town to unveil the Horological Machine No. 3 Frog at a dinner organised by retailer The Hour Glass at the Garden Suite of the Mandarin Oriental. Also on show was the HM2 Sapphire Vision launched earlier this year during SIH...  

Part 1: Cocktails

 By: SJX : May 14th, 2010-07:03
Above L to R: Vernon Lim, Wong Mei Ling, Managing Director (Singapore) of The Hour Glass, Zach Toh Above: Automobile and watch aficionado Michael Seet with Max Busser Above L to R: Harry Tan, Max Busser, Alan Teo, Zach Toh and Vernon Lim Above: Lim Hock T...  

Indeed.. I think that gentleman collector you mentioned

 By: ArthurSG : May 14th, 2010-20:29
with the grey striped shirt looking to the left was looking at the diamond crusted HM1. Trust you to know the who's who of our horological scene Great report (again)!

There was another prominent gentleman collector missing

 By: SJX : May 17th, 2010-05:05
which was a shame otherwise it would have been a hall of fame gathering with one or two gatecrashers who dropped by on the way to the airport. - SJX

Part 2: Dinner

 By: SJX : May 14th, 2010-07:12
While guests ate Max stopped by at each table to interact on a more personal level. Buying a watch from an independent watchmaker is all about the person or people behind the product so this is vital....  

Part 3: Watches

 By: SJX : May 14th, 2010-07:22
Most of the models from MB&F were on show, if not on display then on one of the many wrists with an MB&F machine. The number of MB&F watches in the room was extraordinary, as is the case every year....  

Part 4: The end

 By: SJX : May 14th, 2010-07:40
Unfortunately I had to catch a flight so could not stay till the end but if this was anything like prior years' dinners it is certain guests stayed past dessert to mingle and talk. Above: Dr Bernard Cheong and Wong Mei Ling of The Hour Glass; Bernard was ...  

OMG ! I didn't notice Bernard's shoes !

 By: foversta : May 14th, 2010-09:21
Thanks a lot SJX for the comprehensive report. I hope to see the Frog very soon here in Paris. Fr.Xavier

Those throw backs are sick!!!

 By: doubleup : May 14th, 2010-11:37
I am a Nike fan myself, work there just to get the discount.... on a 6.0 binge at the momment...

My apologies for the lack of socks...."the frog"

 By: bernard cheong : May 23rd, 2010-17:08
Then again, I wanted to be in the spirit of the Frog.

Thanks SJX [nt]

 By: aldossari_faisal : May 14th, 2010-11:04
No message body

I've got a crush on you, froggy eyes. :)

 By: VMM : May 14th, 2010-11:22
It looks like you all had a great time. A superb reunion of the most beautiful men's toys in the world, cars, watches, women....................what else? I love those frog eyes, very nice. I would smile everytime I checked the time. Thanks for sharing. V... 

wow...looks like fun nite

 By: Hororgasm : May 17th, 2010-14:16
fast cars, high end watches, good food and wine, great company(at least most of the people). thks SJX fr the report.

Amazing report...

 By: patrick_y : May 19th, 2010-00:06
Amazing report of an amazing event. We all know that the new FROG is going to be a fantastic watch, and personally, I look forward to seeing it in person. However, something more impressive to me at this event was the fact that there are so many ladies we... 

great report...

 By: ocwatching : May 20th, 2010-12:51
MB&F pieces are really unique and the collectors look like a fun group...

Amazing, many thanks Su JiaXian !!

 By: pifpaf : May 23rd, 2010-16:51
2-3 noticable pics: Bernard Cheong, crazy as great, I love it: Brilliant and invonlontaire, I guess the pics of nail polish: [img][/img] Big Tits: [img]http://ahci.watchprosite...  

Ridiculous collection of cars! :-)

 By: dxboon : May 14th, 2010-21:53
Wow. That's the only appropriate word here. The new Frog is cute, and I love the green rotor, but the HM2 Sapphire Vision is the HOTNESS! That watch is so cool! Thanks for all the pictures and coverage! Cheers, Daos

MB&F and fast cars go together

 By: SJX : May 17th, 2010-05:04
the owners of both are one and the same. I don't know if that indicates good taste or bad. - SJX

if only these cars were taxis

 By: amerix : May 17th, 2010-07:58
and the the taxi driver was wearing a frog but where would / should he be taking me? amerix

This watch is starting to grow on me...

 By: DonCorson : May 15th, 2010-00:07
IMHO It is definately a big improvement on the original HM3, which doesn't talk to me at all. It looks like it was a great event. Don

Same here

 By: SJX : May 17th, 2010-05:02
when I first saw the Frog during SIHH I thought it looked ridiculous. But now the black one with a green rotor is attractive in an unorthodox way. - SJX

The Frog is cute...

 By: fernando : May 15th, 2010-20:38
and so much more legible than the original HM3 which was my one gripe with the piece.Congrats to Max for another fine presentation & thanks for the post SJX. The HM1 continues to be the standard bearer - for me anyway. cheers fernando

Great report SJX! I saw the HM no3 yesterday

 By: Mech : May 22nd, 2010-01:13
at the event but I didn't have the time to take a closer look and I'm starting to pay attention to this collection, I hope they're not made of steel ??!! After hearing what Bernard said yesterday on the Gold vs Steel, CEO not taking bus thingy hahahahaha ... 

No steel

 By: SJX : May 22nd, 2010-01:18
MB&F only makes watches in gold. - SJX