Please sit down before opening this.... (Prescher inside)

Feb 10, 2010,12:25 PM

The Thomas Prescher
Mysterious Automatic Double Axis Tourbillon

First pictures in the wild.

Thomas had a problem:
    How to make the visibility of the tourbillon even better than his present watches.
The solution:
    Just tuck everything except the tourbillon out of the way.

Hours and minutes on rotating cylinders with a moon phase indication between.
At the bottom the automatic winding weight slung like a hammock between the two sides.
Relaxing in the hammock the date and month indications.
In between the Prescher constant force double-axis toubillon.

The watch has two crowns not only for symetry, but one is for setting the time and the other for winding.

The entire movement is hidden in the two sides of the case.  Not a single gear outside the tourbillon itself is visible.

Note that the calendar is always visble from front and back.  Being on the winding weight it always faces up.

The case is with the impecable finish we assume from a Prescher watch.

Note that this is the first prototype and these are mineral glasses without antireflection treatment.  The final watch will have saphire glasses using the new and horribly expensive perfectly clear antireflection coatings.  No more blue streak!

It is difficult to get a picture of the serial number without holding the watch over your head.

I saw the very first design sketches of this watch about 18 months ago.  I was certain that Thomas was taking hard drugs.
Now that I could hold it in my hands, whatever has caused Thomas to find this design, this watch is truly stunning.


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Thomas shared some CAD images of this with me a year ago

 By: Tim Jackson : February 10th, 2010-15:14
These pictures are excellent, and really show it much better than I could have imagined. It is a stunning micro-mechanical piece of horological art! Well done Thomas! Thanks for sharing Don, Cheers, Tim

One of the COOLEST watches ever, to me. HQ.

 By: VMM : February 10th, 2010-15:52
Thanks so much for sharing, I really enjoyed this post. Love this kind of watches, they just brake the rules and I love when this happens, it amazes me. Fresh air. Thanks. Vte


 By: BDLJ : February 10th, 2010-15:56
That is amazing. Truly amazing. The hammock winders...the Tourbillon on a stick.... Are there any further details of say, where the mainspring resides? The power flow into and out of the tourbillon? How the date is changed without spinning the hammock. I'... 

Very unique!

 By: patrick_y : February 10th, 2010-16:09
That is a very unique watch! You weren't kidding about the fact that I should be sitting when I see the watch. The watch has a month and date indicator on the bottom, does the watch have an annual or perpetual calendar function? Or will the watch still as... 

WOW now this is what you call a watch!

 By: AnthonyTsai : February 10th, 2010-19:05
What an original and brilliant concept! The tourbillon floating in the middle is cool; but for me, the best part of the watch is how the calendar section is on the winding weight so it stays on top no matter which way you flip or angle the watch. That is ... 

Amazing …

 By: AndrewD : February 10th, 2010-19:14
Thanks Don, From an engineering perspective it is an amazing watch. It’s hard enough to imagine how the calendar display is functioning within an oscillating weight, leaving aside the double axis tourbillon itself. The date display that adjusts to t... 

That is really cool, I'm amazed at this

 By: ED209 : February 10th, 2010-19:24
Thanks Don, that is really cool. I love how the tourbillon is almost floating in the middle of the watch. Regards, ED-209

just awesome, thanks! (nt)

 By: ei8htohms : February 10th, 2010-19:32

Thomas was kind enough to present this

 By: ArthurSG : February 10th, 2010-19:52
in Singapore a few weeks back en route to Tokyo. It is indeed a marvel of a piece and putting it on the wrist was mesmerizing! Hearing from Thomas about some of his motivations behind this piece which is so different in appearance (to me) than his other t... 

Mind boggling!

 By: Allen : February 10th, 2010-19:54
What an amazing feat of engineering and imagination. Congratulations to Mr. Prescher for yet another wonderful achievement in watchmaking!

What an amazing feat of engineering................

 By: Topcat30093 : February 10th, 2010-20:16
Thanks Don for your warning. When I saw the your first photo, my thoughts were not good............But the more that I read your aticle and looked at the photos. The more I appreciated and recognised the skill required to design and make such a piece. Whe... 

Don't know what to say

 By: efftee : February 10th, 2010-21:55
As little as I know about the technicality of watch-making, I can tell this takes some feat to make. Wow, thanks for the nice pics, Don. By the way, there were other gems at the Tokyo watch fair, where I presume you surveyed this Prescher piece -- any oth... 

Your post was such a treat, Don!

 By: dxboon : February 10th, 2010-22:06
Especially, since I was just emailing with a fellow Purist about this very timepiece. Now, to see live pictures (The closest I will probably ever get to one, unfortunately!), well, it's awesome. Seeing the tourbillon just float within the case is mesmeriz... 

that is pure wrist art

 By: tourbillon001 : February 10th, 2010-22:22
and Thomas is one of the nicest guys you could ever talk too. I hope some day I can afford a piece like this

Don - Good Post !

 By: Cpt Scarlet : February 11th, 2010-06:55
Very good post Don, The final product will be even better than the photos that you have posted. Thanks for your post

I saw the watch ...

 By: cen@jkt : February 11th, 2010-07:05
in Japan, but hesitate to post cause I'm not sure whether I can post it before Basel. It's niiiiice and the size is just right. This watch, Parmigiani Bugatti, and Blu tourbillon will be the pinnacle of my watch collection. So I can post my Tokyo Watch Fa... 


 By: aldossari_faisal : February 11th, 2010-07:19
thanks for posting Don the watch is so tourbillon orinted i mean display wise. i love.... as i say for innovative time pieces light years ahead of time. Faisal


 By: hershal : February 11th, 2010-07:40
THE NEXT WAVE IN WATCHMAKING HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 By: Davo : February 11th, 2010-14:22
What a way to present the toubillon! Amazing design and innovation. Thanks for sharing.

It looks like as if perhaps the date hand changes little by little throughout the day..

 By: doubleup : February 11th, 2010-17:01
Instead of just at midnight, or the hand may just look like it is not centered (illusion???)). That is even more wild ! thanks for posting!

I'm with Hershal!

 By: Gary G : February 11th, 2010-21:54
Wow wow wow! I don't think that I have ever seen anything to compare to this -- single-minded brilliance, in my opinion. Thanks for this great report, Don! I will hope to see this piece in person some day... Best, Gary G

This is the climax of watchmaking, except ...

 By: jfsuperior : February 12th, 2010-08:15
if only Thomas Prescher can follow up with a thin model having a case half the thickness. This is a timepiece that I'd love to wear if only I get to win a mega lottery. Absolutely stunning, awesome, and breath taking! Thanks, Don, for sharing these photos... 

insane machine

 By: ChristianDK : February 12th, 2010-15:28
Thank you Don for your great report - I cant wait to learn more about how this machine works christian

i'm feeling the Pressure right now

 By: Tony A.H : February 12th, 2010-15:00
this Watch is out of this World.!!! WOW. what a Stunning & Innovative work of Art. thanks for sharing. Tony

i keep going back to look at the Pics

 By: Tony A.H : February 12th, 2010-15:07
but would LOVE to see a Video of the Watch Ticking, Rolling , Moving, Turning, Beating. Tourbilloning ?!!!! ;0)))))))))) T

Don, that is absolutely breathtakingly stunning.

 By: G99 : February 14th, 2010-14:25
thanks for bringing it too us so we can drool over his skill and the visual effect of the watch itself. its hard to believe it is a fully functioning prototype as you cant see anything other than the important bits. i'll say it again, breathtaking. best G... 

Final Version

 By: PhilippeTheSaint : February 22nd, 2010-02:34
The final type of finish will he identical to the prototype ?