Vianney Halter's Antiqua in rose gold......

Nov 04, 2007,13:05 PM

Hi, all,

here's a bit more from the recent AHCI gathering in Dresden.
I've to admit I neede some time to get "warm" with this watch, mainly due to the fact I saw it on pictures only for quite some time.
When I saw it the first time in the metall - my first impression was, ohhhhhh, it's that small..... smile

I always thought, judging by pictures, this is a large watch - absolutely  wrong. It's absolutely perfectly sized and proportioned IMO. The  height is just enough to not loose something of this wonderfull "steam engine" charm - I'd even call this one a "flat" watch, there's nothing bulky about it at all.  I tried to capture a little bit of the beauty of this piece, without letting it appear to hefty.....I hope it was at least a bit successfull smile Hope you enjoy!

  All pictures clickable for larger view

Best regards


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Suitbert - wow

 By: Bill : November 4th, 2007-13:30
Some unbelievable pictures of an outrageous watch. Had the privilege to make Vianney's acquaintance at the watchmaker dinner in LA. He is a wonderful man with a particular style which again shines through in his watches. You are right is photographs a lot... 

Thanks, Bill....

 By: SuitbertW : November 5th, 2007-03:49

Wonderful photos

 By: d.m : November 4th, 2007-13:31
Thanks for sharing, Suitbert. The Antiqua is an unbelievably cool timepiece. I fell in love with it on first in-the-metal sight. But I have a number of WIS friends who just don't understand the attraction. Or rather, didn't understand until they too saw i... 

Contrasts ...

 By: AndrewD : November 4th, 2007-14:12
Dear Suitbert One of the things that struck me about the Antiqua in 'person' were the contrasting brushed and polished surfaces, and you captured this wonderfully in these great images. The depth in the subdials and the reflections are magical. Thanks so ... 

Hi, Andrew,.....

 By: SuitbertW : November 5th, 2007-04:08're absolutely right, IMO - and even more, the execution is one of the key elements to make it work that well. The polished areas are beautifullly precise and transitions are flawless - I'd guess the polished bevels are diamond cut as it would be ve... 

A question regarding the finishing

 By: Mark  : November 6th, 2007-02:01
Suitbert, Around the main dial, close to 5 o'clock you can see some irregularities - just next to the "rivets". Was that simply dust or an imperfection in the finishing ? Besides that - a stunning watch. I can understand people "don't get it", but if you ... 

Dust only,....

 By: SuitbertW : November 6th, 2007-03:45


 By: Bill1 : November 4th, 2007-22:52
Like Dom, I recently had a chance to meet Halter and try his watches on for size. Having only seen pictures of them before I was utterly unprepared for how beautiful and jewel-like, really, his watches are in person. The Antiqua really is as beautiful as ... 

Watch this space....

 By: SuitbertW : November 5th, 2007-04:11

Beautiful pictures ....

 By: chiacn : November 5th, 2007-02:36
Thank you. I saw it at Tempus and loved it. Your picture showed some angles that it just staggering. Regards

Thanks, for the kind words

 By: SuitbertW : November 5th, 2007-04:12

Thanks Suitbert ...this is extremely

 By: CL : November 5th, 2007-06:47
beautifully photographed. I think you definitely have captured the essence of Vianney Antiqua. It is a very elegant watch. Lovesss*CL

Thanks CL,...

 By: SuitbertW : November 6th, 2007-03:49

Beautiful photos Suitbert

 By: SJX : November 6th, 2007-06:26
I love the way the dial reflects on the polished inside of the bezel. Thanks for sharing. - SJX

Thanks, SJX,...

 By: SuitbertW : November 6th, 2007-12:22