Look very closely...

Sep 14, 2005,11:11 AM

Your question is most reasonable. Mr. Dufour's process, as I understand it is:

-- he has designed the watch himself, in total.
-- the dials, hands, cases and crowns are made to his specifications, and personally inspected for quality
by Mr. Dufour.
-- all the movement parts are either manufactured in his workshop, or produced to his specifications by contract.
Subsequently, all parts are personally finished and assembled in his shop by Mr. Dufour, with the assistance
of his daughter one other watchmaker. Mr. Dufour is personally responsible for all aspects of the finished product.

While all parts of this watch are of the absolute finest quality, regardless of source, the focus is on the two aspects
under PD's personal control: the watch's overall design, and the movement design and finishing. Regarding the
design concerns, while I personally find the watch as a whole and the movement in particular to be sublimely
beautiful, I admit this is an individual judgement. Certainly if one does not like them at least very, very much, it would
be difficult to justify such a purchase for most of us. However, regarding both the aesthetic and the functional finish
of the movement -- here I believe there is no real room for disputation: If there is a finer product out there today, I have
not encountered it in any fashion, even as rumour.

For a full view of the Simplicity, please check out the close-up pictures near the end of my posting at


be sure to click them for the full-sized versions.

For comparison, here is some wheel and bridgework from other top houses.





And here are some samples of PD's:

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Dufour's Simplicity

 By: Ah Beng : September 14th, 2005-12:12
I am curious and would appreciate some comments on this watch. Why has the Simplicity generated so much attention and interest amongst the many aficionados out there? I hope I do not offend anyone, but put simply, it is a watch with three hands indicating... 

For a lot of people here, Simplicity = Perfection

 By: JJCASALO : September 14th, 2005-01:01
Hello, The idea of the simplicity, as I understand it, is to leave all the "fun" stuff (complications like the chrono, tourbillon, ...), and focus on the basics : Hour, minute, seconds. But Dufour puts so much attention on these basics that he (tries) to ... 

Fit & Finish

 By: Bob Oehler : September 14th, 2005-08:08
What it all comes down to is fit and finish. Mr. Dufour's work is one of a handful of independent makers who make most/all parts in his shop. The finish and fits of parts his incredible, see close up photos in other posts on this site. His polished rounde... 

I am not sure that is entirely correct

 By: IanS : September 14th, 2005-10:10
to say Mr.Dufour makes most (let alone all) of his own parts. Mr. Dufour designs all his parts, gets 3rd parties to make them to his exacting specifications and then superbly hand finishes the pieces in his workshop. There are watchmakers making a high pe... 

What I was trying to convey

 By: Bob Oehler : September 14th, 2005-11:11

Much ado about nothing...

 By: alex : September 14th, 2005-08:08

Look very closely...

 By: SteveG : September 14th, 2005-11:11
Your question is most reasonable. Mr. Dufour's process, as I understand it is: -- he has designed the watch himself, in total. -- the dials, hands, cases and crowns are made to his specifications, and personally inspected for quality by Mr. Dufour. -- all...  

Mouth wide open....

 By: jokoh : September 14th, 2005-10:22

Hum ! Did I spot a problem with the applied index ?

 By: JJCASALO : September 15th, 2005-05:05
This is what's terrible with such a watch, and probably the reason I'll never buy it (appart from the fact that I cannot afford it) : If you have a watch that you consider as perfection, you'll spend more time trying to search for the IMperfection than si... 

More "Full" than "Empty" ?

 By: Taccia : December 7th, 2005-12:24

It's not really the point of this discussion, but I would say that the various houses...

 By: patekkie : September 15th, 2005-07:07
that you show in your scans are in order of their finishing quality, from worst to best. That's an unfortunate placement for Patek, which looks almost brutish and crude compared to Chopard, say. The Chopard is not in the league of the DuFour, of course, b... 

Thanks very much, chris, and although I did not consciously

 By: SteveG : September 16th, 2005-06:06
place my pictures in that order (in fact, I poached them from an earlier post responding to somebody who felt their watch was insufficiently perfect under a 10x loupe), I agree with you on all counts. Especially, the finish of the Chopard has always impre... 

cris, Steve, let's keep in mind sample variation. I can (but won't) easily show "examples

 By: ThomasM : September 18th, 2005-09:09
that would lead to a complete re ordering of "The Houses" A big problem (yes, problem) with discussions of this sort is that they tend to encourage readers to draw conclusions that may or may not be correct, IN THE WHOLE. Dear readers, please feel free to... 

Thank you, Thomas, of course we were speaking of the particular examples

 By: SteveG : September 18th, 2005-02:14
which inadvertantly were displayed in this particular order. Still, some conclusions may be difficult to resist, such as Some Patek movements may not be as pristinely finished as Some Chopard...

Steve, chris, my apologies...I didn't mean to imply the two of you were

 By: ThomasM : September 18th, 2005-07:19
trying to force a conclusion to others, just that I am painfully aware of how lurkers and the many anonymous readers to often draw conclusions from high profile regulars who were in fact "talking among themselves" and understood, among themselves, the pro... 

Just out of curiosity, if you say...

 By: JGV : September 18th, 2005-11:23
..."I have seen specific specimen from Patek that easily rival a Dufour", do you mean highly complicated PPs (tourbillon and repeaters) or calatrava's (or other models based on the cal. 215, 315 and 240)? Regards, Joram

Re: Dufour's Simplicity

 By: Victor : September 15th, 2005-10:10

Beng, your question is entirely fair and reasonable. But in all seriousness,

 By: ThomasM : September 18th, 2005-09:09
it is a subject that really does rank right up there with "why do I love my children" or "why do I feel more at home in Paris than in Los Angeles, even though I would never live in Paris?" We all have a spiritual side, an emotional side, and an intellectu... 

A poetic and touching reply, Thomas.

 By: tony p : September 19th, 2005-03:03
So much truth in what you say. Now, on a lighter note: as for knowing of Chopards you wouldn't let your dog wear...here's my Chopard: ...and here's my dog: ...and, funnily enough, I wouldn't let my dog wear my Chopard either. But not for the same reasons,...  

LOL x 2!!!! :-)

 By: ThomasM : September 19th, 2005-09:09

Tony P

 By: Jerry de los Rios : September 21st, 2005-01:01


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 By: Aurel : September 24th, 2005-12:24