The Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph Collection: Compare all the variations!

Mar 11, 2014,16:39 PM

I thought I would update the "family album".  Which one do you like the best now?

Enjoy, Mike

SIHH 2008 Generation 1

SIHH 2009 Generation 2

SIHH 2011 Generation 3

Also the Anniversary edition was announced

SIHH 2012 Generation 4

SIHH 2013 Generation 4


SIHH 2014 Generation 5

And of course who can forget the special editions:  Rieussec Silicon, Rieussec Only Watch, Rieussec Ginza boutique

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The Rieussec Chronograph Yearbook!

 By: patrick_y : March 12th, 2014-00:48
Looks like a high school yearbook. Which version is the most handsome? My favorites are version #1, 4, and 5. Version 4 pretty much looks like a regulator watch.

Nice posts on all the Nicolas Rieussecs!

 By: jrwong23 : March 12th, 2014-05:52
Thanks Mike for laying them all here including the special editions! I love the NRs but my small wrist can't carry them well. Although today I wore my Star Worldtime (42mm) and I thought surely 1mm more won't matter that much? Purely in terms of dial desi...  

I think it is the thickness of the case and the crown design

 By: mkt33 : March 12th, 2014-07:23
that makes wearing the 43mm Rieussec a very different experience compared to your 42mm Star WorldTime. Perhaps the next generation can improve on these two aspects. Thanks for the additional photos... My favorite is Gen 2 and the latest Homage version The...  

I didn't realize the Gen2 was so attractive

 By: jrwong23 : March 12th, 2014-16:58
Until this picture! I usually dont like open dials but this is somehow different. I realize "complicated dark colored dials" on larger watches look "smaller" on my wrist compared to light/white dials that are neater (that's why the Homage looks larger on ... 

2nd and 5th generation for me...

 By: jporos : March 12th, 2014-13:27
Like the skeletonized dial of 2nd and the classical poise of the 5th. Interesting review, Mike!

I think my favorite Rieussec is the 2nd generation

 By: AnthonyTsai : March 13th, 2014-08:28
but the most recent released at SIHH 2014 is great too. Cheers, Anthony