This just happened to my 410z😱. After 15 years of ownership 🥰

Jul 08, 2019,07:09 AM

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Sorry to see that damage.

 By: Overwound : July 8th, 2019-07:19
I hope this gets fixed for you soon. I haven't seen that kind of breakage before.

Definitely Odd, But...

 By: elliot55 : July 8th, 2019-09:32
... it's an older watch and I doubt the manufacturer will fix it for free.

They should fix it for free....

 By: chezlaskin : July 8th, 2019-10:15
Unless something dramatic happened - like the watch fell to a concrete floor from 6 feet (or something like that) - Zenith should fix this for free. Inform them that a steel chronograph part like that should never break simply from normal use. I once had ...  

You can see the marks on the other component that that part slides over.

 By: Boron : July 9th, 2019-17:56
Something wasn’t right regarding the clearance, and over time, with usage, it’s suffered material fatigue. There’ll be a fair bit of material debris in there, and it’ll accelerate wear on pivots, etc – so don’t even be tempted to continue wearing it. ...