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Jun 24, 2022,10:22 AM

Hello dear friends !

WristScan is a unique weekly community event, held every week between Friday and Sunday with photos and comment posted by our community members. 

WristScan is all about friendly competition, banter and open to all members, so please join in as I guarantee you will receive a warm welcome from our friendly community.

You can find the live thread on both the “Home Page” and under the WristScan tab in the menu bar. It’s probably worth looking at the WristScan archive to pickup some ideas and get a feel for the weekly event.

Each week on Friday, a new theme is announced by the member acting as our event host at around 1:00 GMT. The opening theme thread is then launched for you to post your photos and comments.

Friendly Competition  

Three categories are available for you to enter your photos under, giving you three opportunities to win or be given an honourable mention. They are:

Watch Of The Week

This category will be judged by the host of WristScan and is awarded to the watch that the host believes, best represents the WristScan theme. Watch value is not the decisive factor !

Best Wrist Scan

Judged to be the best photograph of a watch on a wrist entered. 

Best Static Shot

Judged to be the best photograph of a static watch, (not on a wrist) entered. 

The winners of each category are announced in a “Judges Verdict” thread posted on Sunday at approximately 17:00 GMT. 

Note: The start and finish times can change due to the WristScan host and Judges being different time zones. We are a global community. 

Please keep in mind that the emphasis is on joining in and having fun and it’s a great way to make friends within our community. 

Helping Out …

You could participate by offering to judge a category or even become one of our chosen Guest Hosts, when you have joined us for WristScan and got the hang of things. 

The WristScan team are always on hand to give you the benefit of their friendly advice and experience.

The WristScan team are: 

Subexplorer (Abel), KMII (Kristjan) Dr No (Art) and Cpt Scarlet (The Captain). We also feature special guest hosts from our community. 

If you need any further help with WristScan or you would like to make a comment about the event please feel free to send a Private Message (PM) to Cpt Scarlet,  WristScan Editor. 

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Hello dear Captain! Thank you so much for your great Guide to WS!!

 By: Subexplorer : June 24th, 2022-14:30
New members can find here all the information needed to participate in our weekly feature and enjoy it at full. I hope both new members and also old ones who may be shy to participate will be encouraged to do it after reading these clear explanations in y...