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Jul 11, 2012,22:58 PM

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Abraham Vacheron Girod

 By: Tick Talk : July 10th, 2012-14:03
A recent auction offering reminded me about a confusing aspect of V&C that vintage fans might be interested in knowing more about. In 1785, Abraham Vacheron took over the family watchmaking business from his father and the founder of our beloved marqu... 


 By: aaronm : July 10th, 2012-16:44
I'd love to see a comparison, a 1st grade VC next to a 2nd grade AVG of a similar timeperiod... A

I'll meet you half way...

 By: Tick Talk : July 11th, 2012-08:49
Here are several examples of "secondary quality" Abm. Vacheron Girod timepieces from 1820s to 1860s. Please share your observations in comparison with first quality pieces marked Vacheron & Constantin. ...  

another stellar delivery, Dean

 By: radekw : July 11th, 2012-01:12
thank you for this interesting piece of 'our favorite marque's' history

Thanks my friend

 By: Tick Talk : July 11th, 2012-08:49
Hope all is well with you :-)

Follow up questions

 By: WHL : July 11th, 2012-19:26
Thank you for the interesting history lesson, Dean. These very old pocket watches are well beyond area of expertise. Do you know if the brand kept their own movements for the VC label (presumably with Georges-Auguste Leschot's fingerprints in their design... 

Amen! [nt]

 By: Kazumi : July 11th, 2012-22:58

Great question Bill

 By: Tick Talk : July 12th, 2012-07:48
For clues I went to the Annales from 1819 and this correspondence from Jaques Barthelemy Vacheron to Charles Constantin: Translated: "It is understood that for our second quality, we will use the name Vacheron-Girod. We have to do with this new name." The...