Three Tag Heuer novelties have just been unveiled

Dec 08, 2019,02:49 AM

Tag Heuer has just presented during these last weeks of the year 3 novelties which are interesting from the strategic point of view. Indeed, they confirm the positioning of the brand in the world of motorsport and they allow it to address a particular client base: the customers from Latin America.

Indeed, the watches in question, which are evolutions of existing models are all referring to legendary motorsport drivers: Juan Manuel Fangio and Ayrton Senna. This is obviously not the first time that Tag Heuer devotes special series to these champions but it is again done with great intelligence. With an Argentinean pilot and a Brazilian pilot who both became legendary  and whose auras go beyond the strict framework of their discipline, Tag Heuer has the assurance to reach a public not necessarily passionate about watchmaking and who will not hesitate to buy and wear a watch that has links with one of their idols.

The first watch is the Carrera Heuer Tourbillon Ayrton Senna Special Edition. Tag Heuer had already dedicated this specific model to Ayrton Senna. But this time the color code has been revised and seems better adapted to the context of the Brazilian pilot. The watch has touches of yellow on the dial and a green overstitch. In addition Senna's helmet is represented in color on the caseback glass. The link is now more obvious and moreover the success of this watch to the public for which it is intended tends to prove that this choice is the right one. It is limited to 65 pieces to remind us the number of pole-positions obtained by Ayrton Senna.

The second watch is the Formula 1 Caliber 16  Ayrton Senna Special Edition. The most original detail of this watch is that  the most obvious reference to the pilot is not located on the ceramic bezel which includes its name and logo. It is manifested through the characteristic bracelet of the watch worn by Senna and whose links are "S" shaped. This bracelet is clivant: we love it or we hate it because it is very representative of an era. It is in any case very comfortable thanks to its extreme flexibility. I also appreciated the presentation of the dial with its anthracite gray background that highlights the touches of red. The watch is both bold and classic and is my favorite Formula 1 Caliber 16. Note its diameter of 44mm which makes it imposing on the wrist.

The third watch is the Carrera Caliber 16 Fangio Special Edition. It is certainly less surprising than the previous one. The Carrera context makes it more elegant and more traditional in its approach which is after all consistent with the pilot it refers to, Fangio having raced a few decades before Senna. The dominant black dial and bezel reduces the perceived size (the diameter is 41mm). The link is created with Juan Manuel Fangio thanks to the use of the colors of the Argentine flag, the engraving on the caseback which includes the portrait of the pilot without forgetting the signature on the bezel, a style effect dear to Tag Heuer. The way the counters have been redesigned gives a  charming retro touch that is welcome. Simple and beautifully made, this watch is a nice tribute to the Argentinian pilot (in any case more convincing than the previous Carrera Day-Date) and a good way for Tag Heuer to address spanish speakers from Latin America.

These 3 watches are obviously not revolutionary novelties. Tag Heuer applies well-known and mastered recipes. But they were carried out with care and especially with intelligence because they support the brand strategy while strengthening its image in a market with high growth potential.


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